start over again.

kerri   January 8, 2014   6 Comments on start over again.

move from the past to the present tense: you can start over again.

start over again, addison road


I am usually not big into anything attached to a new year—it’s another overhyped occasion that literally means nothing—in the words of Bryce Avary, “Who says it has to be a new year to start a new year?” I try to start again every single day—because each time I do, I hopefully find myself farther away from where I was and closer to where I’m going. Unlike most years, I didn’t do a recap post on December 31st—I know I still will in my head, but I refuse to re-live last year again in writing.

I’m starting over. Again.

I’m alive.

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I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Physical and Health Education in June 2014. I'm into writing, health promotion, adapted physical activity, cupcakes, creating change, and being alive. I'm happy you're here. :]

6 thoughts on “start over again.

  1. Bob P

    I made one NY resolution, which is one more than usual, and it was made on the spur of the moment. It was to make the prep part of cooking a form of meditation. It’s going well, actually. #whatisthesoundofonecleavercleaving?

    1. kerri Post author

      That’s the type of resolution I can get behind! It’s subjective and personally relevant–no fast and hard line of complete and incomplete :]. Awesome goal!

    1. kerri Post author

      Thanks, Mike! <3 I've got a pretty bad benchmark from last year, hopefully I can only go up!
      Right back at you!


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