start over again.

kerri —  January 8, 2014 — 6 Comments

move from the past to the present tense: you can start over again.

start over again, addison road


I am usually not big into anything attached to a new year—it’s another overhyped occasion that literally means nothing—in the words of Bryce Avary, “Who says it has to be a new year to start a new year?” I try to start again every single day—because each time I do, I hopefully find myself farther away from where I was and closer to where I’m going. Unlike most years, I didn’t do a recap post on December 31st—I know I still will in my head, but I refuse to re-live last year again in writing.

I’m starting over. Again.

I’m alive.



I'm a twenty-something kinesiology and applied health student from the Canadian Prairies. I love Jesus, cupcakes, notebooks, kids, guitars and travel. I like kicking asthma's ass, adapted physical activity, helping people reach their full potential, and curing ignorance.

6 responses to start over again.

  1. I made one NY resolution, which is one more than usual, and it was made on the spur of the moment. It was to make the prep part of cooking a form of meditation. It’s going well, actually. #whatisthesoundofonecleavercleaving?

    • That’s the type of resolution I can get behind! It’s subjective and personally relevant–no fast and hard line of complete and incomplete :]. Awesome goal!

  2. Totally agree with this! Waiting a whole year to be a different you is a waste of time and an excuse! The sooner the better!

  3. Wishing you the best of everything in this new year. Lots of love, my friend.

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