1. Elisheva

    That sounds annoying. Here we never have to call anything in or wait for prescriptions to be filled (unless it’s an incredibly rare expensive drug – which I’ve never had to do). Here I print my Rx off the internet and show up with it at any pharmacy. They scan it and bring me my stuff within 2 minutes. Doesn’t take long for them to find the meds in the drawers and put it together for me. I remember in the US as a kid the system was like what you describe. I don’t understand why it has to be so complicated.

    Fun fact: One of the biggest pharmacy chains in Israel, Superpharm (which is where my meds come from) was founded and is owned by the Jewish Canadian who founded and owns Shoppers Drug Mart. Check out Superpharm’s logo. http://www.super-pharm.co.il/

  2. Zim

    Last time I laught, that my doctor wrote me prescription like for army 🙂
    Yes, we are army, weren’t we, Kerri? 🙂
    Greetings from rainy south Poland.

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