I don’t consider myself a baker (and I especially don’t consider myself a cook). But sometimes I find recipes online that seem basically too good to be true that they are THAT SIMPLE. And I have to try them.

Today like two weeks ago when I started this post was a variation on “Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake Cookies” from Wine and Glue.

Except not cinnamon roll and not cheesecake.

That would be too easy, right? [Also does cheesecake pudding even exist in Canada?]

So, because I can’t adhere to the prescribed ingredient list, despite that only three things were listed, we got this:

  • 1 package sugar cookie mix plus the ingredients to make the cookies
  • 1 package of Cinnamon Roll Flavor Creations from Duncan Hines
    • INSTEAD: 1 package of White Chocolatey Raspberry Frosting Creations Mix from Duncan Hines.
  • 1 box of Cheesecake Flavor Pudding mix (just the dry mix)
    • Omitted. Because I thought I had
  • 1 cup white chocolate chips


And yes, they were too sweet, but no, they were actually not terrible. And very soft.

I’ll cut back on sugar next time and probably not use raspberry.
(Caramel might be good, though.)

On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers from around the world take 12 pictures throughout their day and blog them. Here are my pictures from March 12th, 2012!


9:37 am – bedroom. Yeah, honestly. Now, where’s my backpack at?


12:54 pm – kitchen. Forgot to take any pictures at school, but canned pumpkin is far more exciting. Also it looks gross. Also it got turned into something delicious.


1:25 pm – kitchen. One of my best friends, Donald, making hot chocolate from scratch.


1:41 pm – kitchen. Baking is done and we didn’t even burn anything down!


1:46 pm – kitchen. Hot chocolate is done now too!  So. Good.


1:56 pm -kitchen. Not as good as it sounds.


2:13 pm – kitchen. Pumpkin Pie Brownie from Chocolate Covered Katie!  Better than it looks. And moderately healthy, too! We even subbed the oil for apple sauce.


4:06 pm – work. Got called in to work after school because my coworker Jess is sick and Other Kerry [which is what I call her; also known as “Kerry-with-a-Y” and just “Kerry” whereas I get called “Little Kerri”] is in Mexico!  Played NHL Monopoly for an hour . . . my job is hard.


4:26 pm – work. I owned the Flames for a bit [I traded them], and the Leafs [the second best property, ironically. Yes, I do love them.] for the whole game.


5:39 pm – work. We have lots of candy and candy canes at work.


8:40 pm – bathroom. My friend Mike does Mirror Mantras every Monday to fuel him through the week, which I have always loved. So this week, I decided to join in!  I figured my mom was going to take it down as soon as she went into the bathroom, but she actually liked it!


11:39 pm – kitchen. I have two presentations tomorrow – one on the overhand throw [honestly], and one is group teaching 6 and 7 year olds [aka our classmates pretending to be 6+7 year olds] to dribble a basketball.  We are playing a music game, so I did some fun GarageBand stuff for one of the games in our lesson!  [Kin win? I think so]

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