1. OMG So many funnies!

    Like, OK, so the pumpkin brownies were healthier than if they had oil in them (awesome applesauce switch), but the hot choc and mac n cheese pack are just ludicrously unhealthy. Where were the green leafies and apples?

    How weird to play Canadian monopoly-I love monopoly but can't imagine it without the famous London street names!

    Oh, and I do my crosswords in a black Sharpie-poo the stink of it!!!!!

    Love ya! x

    PS TIDY YOUR ROOM: it look's like a bomb has gone off! xx

    • kerri

      It was a good 12, eh? Much better than the ones where I study all day!

      There is actually Canada-opoly, this one was just with NHL teams. Are the original Monopoly names from London? I never knew! [Also, unbelievable that I get paid to play Monopoly, eh? LOVE my job.]

      You do full crosswords in sharpie?! That's talent! I suggest investing in the Sharpie pens! They're beautiful and don't smell icky.

      At this rate, the room is not going to get cleaned till after April exams. Or maybe the weekend after this. Who knows ;).

      • I want Canada-opoly! Also one of my new work friends is a Canadaphile too. We totally bonded. Also I do the daily crossword in pen, man.

        Sus – how's it going? Feel like I've been seeing less of you lately. You haven't posted in ages. Tho – neither have I. I rectified that tonight.

        I love pumpkin.

        Kerri – you got some guts to take a picture of your messy room. I'd never be able to put a pic of my messes online.

        • kerri

          I love that you love Canada so much. Come visit me? :]

          I also love pumpkin! It's so good. Pumpkin smoothies are also excellent.

          Re: the room — well, as you know I am very much an ridiculous-information oversharer on the internetz. [You would know even more if you had Twitter]. So, my room is just a part of the experience!

  2. Kerri,

    Where are my brownies? They look delicious and I am hoping to make them this weekend. I love the can of pumpkin it is so cute. Was this purchased at the Superstore? lol.. Also, when did they start making Grill Cheese KD?

    • kerri

      The brownies are here, you have to come visit! :] [Except I'll have to make you new dairy-free ones :)]. They are SO GOOD.
      The pumpkin was certainly purchased at Superstore!

      The KD is from the south [aka Fargo]. Isn't that ridiculous? I didn't dare look at the nutrition and instead consumed half a box. KD portion sizes and I aren't the best of friends ;).

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