What I did this morning at work . . .


Because nothing is complete without a Transformer head and a peace sign.


Then the kids built a wall


And dinosaurs that look kinda sphinx like


And a triangular wall with a Transformer mask . ..



And then it all came down.

I love my job.

3 thoughts on “lego pyramid

  1. Are those legos or duplos? As per my understanding legos are the big ones.

    It’s funny how you call that the peace sign. In this part of the world it’s the victory sign and you see terrorists doing it after they’ve successfully managed to carry out deadly attacks. Ironic much?

      1. Was about to say ;). Yeah, those are Lego. Never seen Duplo. They’re Lego, regardless.

        Really? Totally ironic. Yeah, that’s def the peace sign here. Usually slightly more like the ASL fingerspelling “K” when not done by children :P.

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