Dear Canada,

We need to have a little talk.  It’s October 5th. It’s apparently 31*C outside.  And while I enjoy this, it’s not particularly suitable when I wore my [new] hoodie and [new] jeans to school today.  [Note: in Saskatchewan, they call hoodies BUNNYHUGS.  I love this.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and cuddly.  Because what is badass about a freaking bunnyhug?]  And then it became 31*.  Last week it was like fifteen.

Next week it will be snowing, or hailing.  I swear.  Canada, you’re a little indecisive about this whole weather thing.

Or perhaps you’ll revert to actual seasonally appropriate temperatures and I can wear my new jeans and new hoodie and fuzzy socks and not feel ridiculous about it.

How does that sound?  We got a deal, Canada?