I spent the [double long] weekend in Minneapolis. I tried to write a Facebook status update on Sunday about it. It kept turning into a blog post it was so long. Now it’s Thursday and I’m trying to recreate what I had (except that’s impossible, and also I saved it somewhere and think my phone ate it.

Anyways. After a super chill day at camp on Friday (my wish was granted: I got such a chill camper on Friday. He was awesome. He and I hung out in the bean bag chair filled tent for a bit and both discovered we were going to Minneapolis for the weekend, so we talked about what we were going to do there, and he told me these crazy stories from dreams he’s had, and then our morning activity never showed up so he basically played soccer for two hours. Then after lunch (pizza!) some coaches needed to stay back to clean up while the kids and coaches went to the pool/splash pad… I agreed to stay back, and after 45 minutes camp was disassembled, loaded into a couple vehicles, and the kids memory books were assembled. That left… an hour and a half to hang out with the other coaches and camp director and eat freezies. For real.), I left camp early to hit the road to Monticello, MN with my aunt and grandma. The border people are pretty okay with the answer of because Dean is going to school/working in America for the summer, they get tired of us quick and let us keep driving :).


Minion Twinkies? Yes, please! [I also bought Banana Creme Pie ones. With Minions. Because obviously.]


The next day, we drove to Minneapolis. Eventually, Dean let us into the building (he had to pay with a check [not cheque] for our guest apartment!), and then we went for a drive to the park.


Because I like subjecting people to my ADHD sometimes, here’s a picture from back at the apartment. BAGEL WEDNESDAY! Which is not the same as FREE BAGEL FRIDAY from WheezyWaiter videos of old.


Back to “real time”.

We went to Breugger Bagels and then back to the park to stand on a boat for a couple hours.
It was hot out but there were photogenic things so it was fun. (Are things photogenic or just people?)




And here are a bunch of out-of-order pictures from the riverboat tour.


I took about one decent picture indoors. Then we went outside so that’s the last one with glare.





Our boat had a crown. Minnesota Queen. (Also, yes, it was the Mississippi River, and yes, there at one point was a Mississippi Queen tour, or maybe there is. And no, they did not play Mississippi Queen by Mountain on there.

Dean was disappointed. Obviously.


But then we made faces inside a lock as our boat rose. I didn’t intend to look quite that ridiculous, and I probably intended to at least be looking at the camera.


This is an interesting tree.




Bridge graffiti interests me.


Here’s a landslide. Weird, eh?




We went to Punch Pizza for dinner later that day. I love that place. If you’re in Minneapolis, I highly encourage you to check it out. Also another thing I learned about the next day, is WHIRLYBALL. Yes, that sounds ridiculously fun, even without knowing that it is basically lacrosse in bumper cars. My friend Heather told me about it at lunch at Houlihan’s. Also, when Heather (and her service pup Becca, who gave me a hello shoulder nudge when I got in the car!) picked me up, Heather surprised me with E. L. Fudge cookies! (There was a brief period of time where they disappeared from Dean’s Target, and this worried him. Heather went on a mission, and sent me a picture one day. And sure enough… provided me with E. L. Fudge cookies of my very own! :D).
Heather, Scott and I have made it a tradition to get together if at all possible when I’m in the area (they are AWESOME and I highly appreciate this!). This time, we had to sandwich it in between Scott playing basketball in the morning, and Heather having art class in the afternoon. BUT, it totally worked… mostly! 🙂 Scott and Heather ended up tag-teaming a bit, because basketball was super awesome—so, unfortunately, they had minimal hang-out time with the three of us, but I got lots of hang out time with each of them :). Scott drove me back to the apartment where I hung out briefly and then we went to Cupcake on University. (Obviously I love that place, and think you should go there too, if you’re in the area.)
When we got back, my aunt continued preparing dinner at the apartment—risotto, garlic mashed potatoes, salad, and chicken wings for the meat eaters—a proper-ish home-cooked meal for Dean and his roommate Derek (…and us, of course). We also went and played frisbee on the lawn of the architecture building briefly. Derek is better than I, but we both aren’t great at catching. Also, it’s hard to catch when Derek repeatedly threw the frisbee six feet higher than me. ;))
The next morning, Dean stopped by at 6:30 AM to say goodbye before he went to work (concerning bridges, actually). My aunt took a trip to Breugger Bagels again (because they kept giving us surveys where you got three free bagels?!) for bagels and cream cheese, and then we packed up and hit the road…
Goodbye, Minneapolis.


…by way of Albertville outlet malls, a Target for lunch (if you’re a smarty like Gerry, no, there is not a dining area in Target!), a Dollar General in Barnesville, Fargo’s West Acres Mall…
and on to Grand Forks for Erbert and Gerbert for dinner (yes, I’m having pb&j and broccoli and cheese soup!)
…plus I still had a cupcake and a half to eat…  
…and some shopping. 
Oh, and the hotel pool at the Expressway in Grand Forks was awesome. Not only was it asthma-friently salt water, we think, it also had pretty coloured lights in it! And a basketball hoop in the pool!
And that’s about it, so we went home. (Or that’s about it because we went home. Whatever.)
I still want to play Whirlyball, obviously. It’s on my list for next time. 😉


Things I’ve done lately:

1) Taken some pictures and forgotten to blog them. [I did a 12 of 12, even.]

St. Boniface


Assiniboine Park Zoo




Minneapolis/St. Paul

2) Got another job that I still can’t start because for-good-reasons-red-tape.

3) Waited.

4) Read books. I’m trying to read 75 books this year (Overdrive + library access = awesome). Currently reading The Psychopath Whisperer by Kent A. Kiehl. (And The Art of Non Conformity and I’m Only Being Honest still. And a bunch of other things. I thought I liked paper books better than eBooks but I seem to get through eBooks more quickly, whereas Jeremy Kyle above just gets to keep hanging out.

5) Went to Minneapolis.


Saw my cousin Dean.


Saw his team’s concrete canoe. Ate cookies and pretzels in outlet malls.


Spent a couple nights on an air mattress in a hotel room, ‘cause that’s how we roll.


Finally went to the cupcake place on University (I think it’s just called Cupcake.)




Ate this cupcake at 9 AM:


Slept in the car. Ate an unacceptable amount of junk food.

And shared this crazy massive bowl of mac & cheese with my friend Scott when we went for dinner with Heather. (Scott called it a trough. Also it dominated us.)


6) Watched The Jeremy Kyle Show. Damn ridiculous British TV that is actually amusing. More amusing than Maury for sure.

7) Hope I have done more than this. :]

Regina. Saskatoon. North Battleford. Lamont. Edmonton.



Saskatoon, SK – as much as we make fun of you, Saskatchewan, you are beautiful.


Saskatoon, SK – Vimy Memorial. And a grammar fail. May be, Saskatoon. May be.


North Battleford, SK. Pretty if not for the litter beside the train track, there.


In North Battleford we stayed at the “only full service hotel”. It had water slides. It was kind of creepy in the fact that at about 11 PM our deadbolt that we found previously not working clicked closed and we were half locked into our room so we could not use the pool.  Also the room was really hot and the thermostat didn’t work properly and they had to bring us a fan. Also I think there was us and one other family staying in the only hotel.


Lamont, AB. “Sitting in a city that will never let me go, what if I’m only satisfied when I’m at home? What’ll I do if you never find me again, sitting in a province a million miles from my friends?” –Edmonton, The Rural Alberta Advantage.


If I look sleepy, it’s because I’m sure I just woke up here. One of many times.


Edmonton, AB. The Best Western is a great place. They flipping sanitize the remote!




Fuss Cupcakes on Whyte Avenue. Best cupcakes I’ve ever had. The top two are big ones, the purple one in my hand is a little one.



I met Elisa at church in 2010. Since then she’s moved back to her hometown in BC and then to Edmonton. I was so stoked able to catch up with her for an hour or so over ice cream. I miss this lady, she is amazing and is such a beautiful person.


The kinesiologist in me was greatly amused by this. And is also sure that this dude is on steroids. And not the good anti-inflammatory kind.


I BBM’ed my boss this picture and she has agreed that we need a sea lion for a pet at work.


Tonight we met my great aunt and uncle for dinner/drinks at The Rink Sports Bar/Grill in St. Albert, AB. Which we discovered is now only named after Randy Ferbey, the curler, and not actually owned by him anymore. We then went over to their house, where I spent a few days last year. They are awesome, and as frequently discovered, sport [hockey] was the great equalizer.

Tomorrow we’re off to Calgary bright and early . . . and Thursday I get to meet up with my long-time social media friend Danielle!