A couple weeks ago, my friend Sara celebrated her birthday. Sara is an absolutely amazing woman, so why should her birthday be any different than amazing?

It shouldn’t, of course!  For her birthday, all Sara wanted was to fill her day with random acts of kindness, and receive stories of the same from her friends near and far.  So, here is my present to her:

However, why stop at sticking things around in Shoppers Drug Mart and Sobeys on Sara Brown Day?

The next Monday I took some post it’s to school with me.  And obviously it is kind of hard to be stealth in the university so as to be mysterious and whatnot while leaving positive post-its around.  So [shh, I am giving away rockin’ the RAOK secrets here!] I started leaving post-its in the bathroom.  This was the first one:


This one, the next day I went into the same stall and realized that it was missing.  So, I replaced it with a new one. But . . .  turns out somebody took off the inside of the door and stuck on the mirror, which is so freaking awesome!  Here is the second one, which somebody then ADDED TO!!


Yesterday, I checked on it again, and someone had written a note onto my original green post-it:

i needed this reminder so much today. thank you!

That? That was so amazing. [I didn’t get a picture, I’d left my backpack with my iPod in it with a friend, and my Blackberry makes an awkward camera noise, and the bathroom wasn’t loud enough to be able to deal with the loud clicky noise stealthily].

I gave this one to my friend Bobbi-Jo, who pulled it out again today as we were crushing some last minute studying for our Physical Growth and Motor Development midterm in [three midterms in 36 hours is absolutely no fun. To top it off, I had a huge stress-out moment this morning when I left work, my bus came early, I saw it drive past as I was walking down the street, and knew that the next bus did not come until 9:43 and my Program Planning in Sport midterm was at 10 and 45+ minutes away. Fortunately, my mom came all the way from the university and picked me up and drove me back (yay mom!), I made it to my midterm in time, and studied in a bus shack. YES!  By the time I got in the car I was still freaking out on whether I would get there in time, and then rocked some progressive muscle relaxation stuff while driving through the French quarter . . . thank you grade-one-PE and Issues in Health.  So yes, crazy day from the get go following noodle hockey.  Oh and guess what? Neither exam sucked. Or yesterday’s. YES!]

Here is the post it:


Small thing . . . with an impact. So rad.