My friend Mike started a thing called “Mirror Mantras”, where he posts a positive or motivating phrase on his bathroom mirror to keep him inspired throughout the week.  Joining goodness? I am in!


Caldecott Tunnel — Something Corporate.

My friend Mike started a thing called “Mirror Mantras”, where he posts a positive or motivating phrase on his bathroom mirror to keep him inspired throughout the week. I jumped on board (and now he writes on my Facebook wall to remind me it is Monday, or almost Monday :]).  Here’s the goodness for the week:


Life isn’t about making resolutions.

It’s about finding and creating resolution.

there’s a lot that i don’t know, there’s a lot that i’m still learning. when i think i’m letting go, i find my body is still burning, and you hold me down. and you got me living in the past. come on and pick me up, somebody clear the wreckage from the blast.

i’m alive, and i don’t need a witness to know that i survive. i’m not looking for forgiveness. i just need light, i need light in the dark as i search for the resolution.

and the bars are finally closed, so i try living in the moment. till the moment it just froze, and i felt sick and so alone. i can hear the sound of your voice still ringing in my ear, i’m going underground, but you find me anywhere, i fear.

the resolution, jack’s mannequin

Change, growth . . . they are processes that can start at any time . . . and hopefully are continuous. There may be lapses. That doesn’t mean it’s over. A “resolution” to me seems so finite. Nothing is finite.  Goodness . . . is continual.

Let’s make ourselves better all around, let’s move, let’s meet new people . . . let’s change our worlds through interaction, through hope, through love . . . and though Good Things.

2013. Let’s go.

make yourself

Make yourself.

you let it all go / so no, nobody knows / what’s breathing teaching me to believe? / as times goes they’ll know / that you let it all go.

so long, farewell / that’s what i said to you / bring on the stories, because i’m pulling through

you will not stay, michael jagmin

The discovery of this song a little before midnight last night is what prompted a late-night blog redesign. I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile, but that first bolded lyric grabbed me so hard and wouldn’t let me step away. In the last 24 hours, I’ve listened to You Will Not Stay sixty times. Michael Jagmin’s vocal range is absolutely incredible, and I’m often a sucker for the piano.

What’s breathing teaching me?

The important things.

There’s an unfortunate reality in living in “automatic pilot”. And if only a few times a day, it is because of breathing, because of asthma, I am forced to step back from being on autopilot and check in with myself.

It’s beyond that. I know that I need to do this in other areas of my life, too–pause and check in with how I’m feeling. Breathing is my reminder of that. Breathing . . . my heart beating . . . keeping me alive.

What’s breathing teaching me?

It’s teaching me about friendship. About loving people where they’re at. About spreading my metaphorical wings. About stepping out of my comfort zone. About movement. About hope. About really being alive.

About making each breath, each moment count for something . . . even if it is just in getting past the moment before it. To not take the moments for granted. About not being complacent in this journey.

That together . . . we will make it through this. Everything. Life.


(I’d also like to thank Mike for his feedback on the redesigning. I knew something was off and we couldn’t figure it out. After redoing the header, changing some colours, and adding the border, I’m a bit closer but still might do some tweaks over the next few days!)

My friend Alanna asked me to share a bit on public perception and asthma on her blog, Life on T1. Alanna has Type 1 diabetes and lives in Nova Scotia [reppin for Canada!].

Of course, you know me . . . I had to spin it around a little bit!

Head on over to Alanna’s blog and check out what she appropriately titled “Every Breath Counts“!

Thanks, Alanna!