–champions of nothing, matthew good

carry me mother mary i’m faithless / like needles in haystacks the we just replace / it’s all the same monster that nobody faces where all is forgiven

on nights like tonight, when no one’s around i turn off the lights / and i float off the ground / and i smile like i used to when you were around / but truth be told i don’t know

–on nights like tonight, matthew good


hey midnight, turn on your lights. roll out your stars. /  i look tired but i, i feel wired and my body hums, like it’s coming undone.

don’t wanna be so wide awake . . . don’t wanna be so wide awake.

–odette, matthew good

There was little that was extensively emotional about last night as I thought a night like it would have been, just snap, kind of losing an hour and forty five minutes of my life.  I have been yearning for a night where I could simply stay awake and reflect.

I lost myself in it. I put my notebook down around 12:29 am . . . put the iPod on and earphones in, and laid in bed listening to Matthew Good. And eventually, the playlist cycling around on volume 1, I took out the earphones and hit sleep on both my Fitbit and SleepCycle app at 2:15 am.  An hour and fifteen minutes of my life that I have literally no idea where they went, other than into a zen-like spiral between asleep and awake. [This makes it sound like I was on drugs or something. I guarantee that was not the case, for it would be a far better explanation.]


The only thing better?  If I were actually on the floor . . .  Something about listening to another’s stories that resonate with you through the deepness of music while laying on the ground . . .