It’s been months, literally months since I’ve written here. Probably because I’m writing other places on the internet. So here I am, wrapping up May after I haven’t written since January 30th. I have half written posts around on adventures since then, and words that have been published elsewhere (aka And some things that’ll never see the internet, shitty circumstances where I was somewhat stabbed in the back where I’d trusted someone and then had to clean up a mess they made–which was even more mentally time consuming than physically time consuming (if that’s even a way to explain time, in a physical sense). 

March, April, May even have involved airplanes and time invested and spent and wasted and given. 

I’ve gotten really sucked into podcasts which take more time than I realize–and I am smarter if not necessarily better for it. I’m thinking of going back to school and taking, no word of a lie, political science, even though prior to six or so months ago I had no interest in politics although I’ve been strong on voting since I could vote. At the start of May I was in Ottawa for World Asthma Day, in April, I was in Palo Alto to present at Stanford Medicine X | ED, and in March, I was in St Louis, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Toronto on a whirlwind adventure that happened t settle around two conferences.  

Here are some (a lot, but only a sample) pictures.

[Also I can’t figure out what I’m doing so to see the flickr album if it doesn’t load, click here.]

Not to say there wasn’t more.

There surely was.

But without writing everything down–whether here or in a journal–I’m living through Facebook and instagram and Twitter and a camera, and being in the moment, but maybe not translating that into reconstructable memories as readily. And maybe that’s okay but I think maybe I want that to change too. 

So here I am again.
Hopefully more intentionally. (Therapy.)

Because I’m getting closer–checking my Fitbit, logging nutrition with myfitnesspal (for five days now), and I actually rode the stationary bike the other day.
Now I’m writing.
Next is meditation.

Getting back to who I really am. And some (small bit of) routine.

Though it was shorter, I’m not sure why the drive from Eau Claire to Chicago felt so long.  We found some Wisconsin cheese though, so that rocked.  Here’s a photostory of the day, because 1) they’re worth a thousand words, and 2) I would like to go to bed.  Sitting in a car all day is exhausting, you know.


Saw a lot of this:



Seriously?  I love Jesus and everything, but at a trucker stop?  Guess they need something to accompany all the hotel Bibles, right?




Lindee [my aunt] got rather excited about toll booths.  I was in charge of preparing the money for them.  I had a bunch of $1 bills at one point, but I didn’t think to take a picture of them when I had six:





Goodness, Chicago. Why do you have so many cool restaurants?





So, my aunt went through the turnstile for the train before I did, and hilarity ensued.  Because you know what?  The ticket printed when I was five cents short of putting the money in the machine.  And she was all “It’ll be fine.” and walks through the turnstile.  You know what?  Not fine.  So I got stuck on the other side and the machine was being stupid and not letting me put more money in, so I had to get the dude to help me.  And then I told him I was Canadian and their dimes and nickels were too similar because in Canada our dimes are way thinner than our nickels and therefore easier to find.  Then my card wouldn’t get me through even when the correct amount was on it so he just kind of gave up and let me through.  YAY FOR THE BLUE LINE M-TRAIN!


This is Rona, one of my long-time Twitter friends who lives in Chicago!  How stellar is that?  We met for dinner tonight at MANA Food Bar.  It was super fun and awesome.  Thanks for dinner, Rona!





Yes, I did stop to take a picture of this.  And waited when the electronic thingiemajig changed to another ad then back to Ellen.


TEAM ROCKET TACO!! I have no idea what that is, but I don’t really care because it’s awesome.


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