My friend Mike started this movement called Mirror Mantras, in which he used to post a picture similar to the one below. I’m trying to get back on the train [and I miss his mantras!]

Here is something I am working at focusing on better:


Speaking of Mike, and seeing that blue shirt there, that arrived in the mail today from the Diabetes Hands Foundation! November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and . . . Big Blue Test time!  As a fan of exercise, helping people, and awareness, I am a huge fan of the Big Blue Test, which only requires that a person log their workouts [and pre-/post- blood sugar readings if they have diabetes] and per logged workout, money is donated to a variety of diabetes-related non-profits from a sponsor. It is win-win-win, people!


Included with my shirt was a piece of Mike-art! :]  How awesome is this?


BiG blue test

The Diabetes Hands Foundation is an amazing organization that provides support in a variety of facets to people living with diabetes of all types.  The DHF provides not only networking and thus emotional and instrumental support to people with diabetes, but also opportunities for advocacy, awareness building and getting insulin and diabetes management supplies to people who need them.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  With World Diabetes Day rounding the corner on November 14th, the Diabetes Hands Foundation’s Big Blue Test project is in full swing, underscoring the importance of living an active life with or without diabetes — regardless of if you have Type 1, Type 2, LADA, another type of diabetes, or NO diabetes!

Here’s how YOU can get involved!

Click HERE to go to!

  • If you don’t have diabetes, select the type of exercise you did and submit.  You’re done!  Repeat this every time you exercise between now and November 14th!
  • If you have diabetes, check your blood sugar level, exercise, and check again!  Feed your numbers and type of exercise in, and submit with a diabetic rockstar smile!  Anddd repeat!

So what are you waiting for — it’s your turn and will only take a few seconds of your time!  Help yourself by getting active, help others receive insulin and diabetes management supplies.  It’s all win!