On the 12th of each month, I take 12 pictures throughout the day and then blog them. Here are my photos for December 12, 2015.


12:21 am – bathroom. I regularly empty my pockets while taking my bedtime inhalers.


9:26 am – bedroom. Good morning, Movie Mike! He and my earphones slid under the bed overnight, despite that the cupcake tries to protect him.


10:50 am – bus. I unintentionally collect these things. I’m going to make a collage one day, I think.


1:45 pm – Amber and Darren’s. Happy first birthday, Bria! 


3:50 pm – bus. Riki borrowed this skateboard like, two years ago (it’s a long story). Now I’m taking it on buses in December. (Also a long story.)


5:09 pm – bus. Yes, I did say I was taking the skateboard, covered in duct tape, on buses, plural.


6:29 pm – kitchen. Arise by Chevelle always makes me think of my friend Darren, so I took a screenshot and sent it to him. You can check out his bass cover here (filmed by yours truly :].)


6:59 pm – dining room. Decorated my little Christmas tree, complete with cupcakes and airplanes. I want an airplane tree topper, really, though this penguin will suffice.


10:32 pm – bathroom. After nearly 10 years of needing to be fragrance-free, I finally found unscented bubbles. I’m kind of obsessed with them, but they are hard to find—my best friend found these ones for me :).


11:29 pm – kitchen. Not sure why there is a pumpkin in my kitchen. And mostly why it has not been made into pie yet.


11:30 pm – kitchen. My current netflix obsession – Life Unexpected. [Which I finished on the 13th and am very unsure about the ending.


11:31 pm – kitchen. And, when Netflix breaks… “Whoops, something went wrong…” They got nothing on Google Chrome’s “Oh snap!” error page…

I’m only a week late—here’s my 12 of 12 from November 12th, 2015!


12:37 am – kitchen. Hello, reminder. Hello, November 12th. [I often ignore these alerts for HOURS…]


10:29 am – bedroom. It’s getting to be that time of year… Mittens.


11:23 am – bus. My buddy, Murray, Steve’s guide dog. Hard at work!


12:11 pm – bronuts.
 Boston creme, aka Edgar? Yes, please!


12:20 pm – bronuts. One of the bros brought Murray water :].


12:28 pm – King Street. For my friend Riki: yes, Bronuts is wheelchair accessible!


1:20 pm – mts centre. The boys (aka Steve and Gerry) and I went to Starbucks and it was very full, so we took our drinks and sat at the far end of the Tim Hortons in MTS Centre.


3:30 pm – graham at donald. Waiting for my bus to go to work. This post with a graffiti-ed name tag was interesting to me.


6:20 pm – respite. You mean you don’t make paper french fries at work?


6:30 pm – respite. Apparently the five year old didn’t like some of my shading that got a bit out of control, so I made it better by making the offending french fry have ketchup on it. [I mean, also, when the little one found a freezie and we couldn’t find a second for the 5 year old, I convinced him that frozen bananas were the greatest thing ever… and won him over.]


8:50 pm – kitchen. Went shopping on the way home. I’m doing NaNoJouMo (national nonstop [art] journal month], so, I have to give my inner [non-]artist some new tools.


10:49 pm – kitchen. My first oil pastel creation in years. I think I had better pastels as a kid, actually…

I have one post sitting here that I failed to hit publish on, and another that is in progress. So instead, we get a 12 of 12. [This is blogging, ADHD style!]


8:58 am. Crashed at my aunt’s this Thanksgiving (like usual). My cousin Dean is away at school, so I take his room. It is very dark. I like.


12:16 pm. Lunch. I don’t really get where they see there is “more icing” in the more icing packets for toaster strudels.


3:28 pm. Everybody goes for a car ride with a remote, right? This is what I was in charge of when my aunt was transporting a TV to my grandma’s. (Clearly nobody trusts me to not drop an oldschool TV?)


6:24 pm. My dad used the end of the whipped cream. I scraped the liquidy stuff off my pie and I was sad for a bit.


6:35 pm. So I did the dishes because I was no longer in any hurry to eat pumpkin pie. And then looked in the freezer for more whipped cream. And I found ice cream! Problem solved.


6:47 pm. Realized advance polls were open on Thanksgiving Day. What kind of shenanigans are those?!


7:02 pm. So then, I mean, I went to vote. I also convinced my mom to go vote. See also: curious placement of the voting sign above the AED and below the AED sign?


7:06 pm. Obligatory voting selfie, excited edition. You know how much time it takes to vote on Thanksgiving Day? About three minutes. There was one person ahead of me. Thankful for democracy.


7:07 pm. Classy voting dumpster? By the way, we left home, voted, and returned home in thirteen minutes.


7:37 pm. Of course upon returning home, I was almost immediately greeted by a political Facebook ad. Let’s just say I didn’t vote for either of these guys, and I didn’t know I even had a Green candidate in the area.


9:14 pm. Why does TripIt even try to tell me the weather for six months from now?


10:12 pm. Then I got an e-mail from the library that I could check out Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison electronically. So obviously after that happened I did nothing but read until 2 am.


It used to be that on the 12th of the month, a bunch of bloggers would snap 12 pictures of their day and blog them. I kept up a good pace for awhile, but after the momentum died down, I fell off track. Yesterday, my friend Mike tweeted at me saying he was making a 12 of 12 attempt (here are his pictures!).

These are my pictures from September 12th, 2015.


11:36 am – veranda at the cabin | I’ve been trying to figure out how to make paracord bracelets. I finally printed instructions, but can’t find my clips.


11:48 am – veranda | I give up.


12:03 pm – veranda (still.) | I wrote a blog post about hoodies (mostly), so here’s a hoodie-selfie.


2:34 pm – veranda. | Loving the Hemingway app for blogging. This will eventually be my first blog post for Understood.org! (Surprise!)


5:45 pm – deck | Colouring.



6:53 pm – kitchen/living room | Raspberry tart.


7:12 pm – veranda | My Pebble has been having issues. I think it’s done this update 20 times. I was connecting, yet again, to finally send a report to Pebble Support.


10:38 pm – veranda | Pokemon, yo.


11:08 pm – veranda | Nachos.


11:52 pm – bedroom. |  Not sure how I accumulated two Ventolins on the shelf by my bed. Toothbrush time.


12:21 am – bedroom | Somehow a dolphin from SeaWorld and a hula hoop call my cabin bedroom home?


12:31 am – bedroom | Pretending to sleep before actually sleeping.

I used to do this thing called 12 of 12, where a bunch of people took 12 pictures throughout the day. Well, when Chad (the guy who thought it up) stopped hosting the link roundup, it kind of—to my knowledge, at least—disappeared. The last 12 of 12 I did was August 2013.

A year and a half later… here goes! (It helps that I actually had an interesting day today. Such is the spend-most-of-my-time-at-home life…)


12:03 am | kitchen.
We had our kitchen redone earlier this week. This has resulted in my inability to reach many cupboards.


2:47 pm | kitchen.
Yesterday I realized that my networking cards have my old Twitter handle on them. I went to a tweetup this evening, and tried to get the same-day type from Stapes, except I can’t find my Visa card so I missed the noon order deadline because the Visa Vanilla website wasn’t allowing me to set up my gift card, and RBC told me my Visa Debit card was too old to activate. So I did not get new networking cards in time.
[With that said, also, no cards were exchanged: it was all about the tweetup.]


5:02 pm | bus.
Moovit is the greatest app to ever happen to transit.


5:35 pm | CBC Manitoba.
Marcy kicks off the #CBCTweetUpMB event.


5:44 pm | CBC Manitoba.
I met up with Alyson before heading to CBC.
She did a pre-weather selfie with John Sauder from CBC, on the air.


5:56 pm | CBC Manitoba.
Cakeology + CBC Tweetup cupcakes and cake balls?
Yes, please.


6:33 pm | CBC Manitoba.
Touring CBC Manitoba. This is what the union of radio and TV looks like.


6:44 pm | CBC Manitoba.
And now for Kyra with the weather. 


6:47 pm | CBC Manitoba.
Oh, no big deal, I’m just in the weather, guys. 


6:56 pm | CBC Manitoba.
This is so all the animators and graphic designers and people can stay/get creative.


6:57 pm | CBC Manitoba.
Somewhat amusingly, the last picture I took inside CBC today was the welcome sign.


 7:59 pm | Sobeys.
And… the last picture for the day…
MOON CHEESE? Like… dehydrated cheese.
Thanks but no thanks, (not-)NASA. 


I’ll be sharing more pictures from the CBC Tweetup soon […or so I say, this is what happens, okay?], but visit the #CBCTweetUpMB Storify, or check the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram for more!

(I’m not smart enough to figure out how to link to a hashtag on Instagram… I hope this is actually difficult…)

And… hopefully I’ll get another 12 on 03/12/15!