On the 12th of the month (for many many months), I try to take 12 pictures of my day and blog them. [Sometimes I forget to blog them.]

Here are my pictures for February 12, 2016.


7:08 am – bedroom. Messy morning hair. Feeling like it’s an Addison Road t-shirt day.


9:05 am – Starbucks. I really wanted an Earl Grey tea latte, which I had not desired in months/years, but Starbucks was out of Earl Grey. (I know… What?) This “Royal English Breakfast” tea latte is NOT the same. I went for brunch with Mindy after, and fortunately Stella’s could make me a London Fog.


12:01 pm – Annex. Purrza… Persia?


12:01 pm – Annex. Yes. Unicorn kitty (not Unikitty), eating pizza. Garbonzo’s, you never fail me.


5:42 pm – kitchen. Quantified self-ing to get my priorities in-order. Optimized.


7:30 pm – kitchen. Looking up recipes. [If you glance to that sugar-free tag in the URL, well, I’m still into sugar and not into fake-sugar. I do own Stevia however. And agave that I’ve never used.]


8:42 pm – kitchen. Sometimes I try to draw stuff. This day, I tried to over-ambitiously draw a representation of the Farewell Fighter song I’ll Be Max, You Be The Monster. My drawing skills are lacking so it is far less rad than I wanted it to be.


9:03 pm – kitchen. I drew an octopus, but got bored prior to colouring it.


10:09 pm – kitchen. Here’s my computer background, the Manitoba Goalball logo I designed… yeah, all that non-tactile Braille and all. Still not sure my feelings on the pink with it, but too lazy to change it.


10:39 pm – kitchen. Yeah, if you were wondering about that sugar free tag? I just made eggless single serve cookie dough. Because that’s reasonable. 


11:40 pm – kitchen. I’ve got a minion living under my cereal dispenser. 


11:55 pm – bathroom. I friggen love my Oral-B Bluetooth toothbrush. My mom however does not love that it creates a light show in the bathroom as it charges, so I have to cover the blinky lights with a cloth.

On the 12th of each month, I take 12 pictures throughout the day and then blog them. Here are my photos for December 12, 2015.


12:21 am – bathroom. I regularly empty my pockets while taking my bedtime inhalers.


9:26 am – bedroom. Good morning, Movie Mike! He and my earphones slid under the bed overnight, despite that the cupcake tries to protect him.


10:50 am – bus. I unintentionally collect these things. I’m going to make a collage one day, I think.


1:45 pm – Amber and Darren’s. Happy first birthday, Bria! 


3:50 pm – bus. Riki borrowed this skateboard like, two years ago (it’s a long story). Now I’m taking it on buses in December. (Also a long story.)


5:09 pm – bus. Yes, I did say I was taking the skateboard, covered in duct tape, on buses, plural.


6:29 pm – kitchen. Arise by Chevelle always makes me think of my friend Darren, so I took a screenshot and sent it to him. You can check out his bass cover here (filmed by yours truly :].)


6:59 pm – dining room. Decorated my little Christmas tree, complete with cupcakes and airplanes. I want an airplane tree topper, really, though this penguin will suffice.


10:32 pm – bathroom. After nearly 10 years of needing to be fragrance-free, I finally found unscented bubbles. I’m kind of obsessed with them, but they are hard to find—my best friend found these ones for me :).


11:29 pm – kitchen. Not sure why there is a pumpkin in my kitchen. And mostly why it has not been made into pie yet.


11:30 pm – kitchen. My current netflix obsession – Life Unexpected. [Which I finished on the 13th and am very unsure about the ending.


11:31 pm – kitchen. And, when Netflix breaks… “Whoops, something went wrong…” They got nothing on Google Chrome’s “Oh snap!” error page…

I’m only a week late—here’s my 12 of 12 from November 12th, 2015!


12:37 am – kitchen. Hello, reminder. Hello, November 12th. [I often ignore these alerts for HOURS…]


10:29 am – bedroom. It’s getting to be that time of year… Mittens.


11:23 am – bus. My buddy, Murray, Steve’s guide dog. Hard at work!


12:11 pm – bronuts.
 Boston creme, aka Edgar? Yes, please!


12:20 pm – bronuts. One of the bros brought Murray water :].


12:28 pm – King Street. For my friend Riki: yes, Bronuts is wheelchair accessible!


1:20 pm – mts centre. The boys (aka Steve and Gerry) and I went to Starbucks and it was very full, so we took our drinks and sat at the far end of the Tim Hortons in MTS Centre.


3:30 pm – graham at donald. Waiting for my bus to go to work. This post with a graffiti-ed name tag was interesting to me.


6:20 pm – respite. You mean you don’t make paper french fries at work?


6:30 pm – respite. Apparently the five year old didn’t like some of my shading that got a bit out of control, so I made it better by making the offending french fry have ketchup on it. [I mean, also, when the little one found a freezie and we couldn’t find a second for the 5 year old, I convinced him that frozen bananas were the greatest thing ever… and won him over.]


8:50 pm – kitchen. Went shopping on the way home. I’m doing NaNoJouMo (national nonstop [art] journal month], so, I have to give my inner [non-]artist some new tools.


10:49 pm – kitchen. My first oil pastel creation in years. I think I had better pastels as a kid, actually…

I have one post sitting here that I failed to hit publish on, and another that is in progress. So instead, we get a 12 of 12. [This is blogging, ADHD style!]


8:58 am. Crashed at my aunt’s this Thanksgiving (like usual). My cousin Dean is away at school, so I take his room. It is very dark. I like.


12:16 pm. Lunch. I don’t really get where they see there is “more icing” in the more icing packets for toaster strudels.


3:28 pm. Everybody goes for a car ride with a remote, right? This is what I was in charge of when my aunt was transporting a TV to my grandma’s. (Clearly nobody trusts me to not drop an oldschool TV?)


6:24 pm. My dad used the end of the whipped cream. I scraped the liquidy stuff off my pie and I was sad for a bit.


6:35 pm. So I did the dishes because I was no longer in any hurry to eat pumpkin pie. And then looked in the freezer for more whipped cream. And I found ice cream! Problem solved.


6:47 pm. Realized advance polls were open on Thanksgiving Day. What kind of shenanigans are those?!


7:02 pm. So then, I mean, I went to vote. I also convinced my mom to go vote. See also: curious placement of the voting sign above the AED and below the AED sign?


7:06 pm. Obligatory voting selfie, excited edition. You know how much time it takes to vote on Thanksgiving Day? About three minutes. There was one person ahead of me. Thankful for democracy.


7:07 pm. Classy voting dumpster? By the way, we left home, voted, and returned home in thirteen minutes.


7:37 pm. Of course upon returning home, I was almost immediately greeted by a political Facebook ad. Let’s just say I didn’t vote for either of these guys, and I didn’t know I even had a Green candidate in the area.


9:14 pm. Why does TripIt even try to tell me the weather for six months from now?


10:12 pm. Then I got an e-mail from the library that I could check out Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison electronically. So obviously after that happened I did nothing but read until 2 am.


It used to be that on the 12th of the month, a bunch of bloggers would snap 12 pictures of their day and blog them. I kept up a good pace for awhile, but after the momentum died down, I fell off track. Yesterday, my friend Mike tweeted at me saying he was making a 12 of 12 attempt (here are his pictures!).

These are my pictures from September 12th, 2015.


11:36 am – veranda at the cabin | I’ve been trying to figure out how to make paracord bracelets. I finally printed instructions, but can’t find my clips.


11:48 am – veranda | I give up.


12:03 pm – veranda (still.) | I wrote a blog post about hoodies (mostly), so here’s a hoodie-selfie.


2:34 pm – veranda. | Loving the Hemingway app for blogging. This will eventually be my first blog post for Understood.org! (Surprise!)


5:45 pm – deck | Colouring.



6:53 pm – kitchen/living room | Raspberry tart.


7:12 pm – veranda | My Pebble has been having issues. I think it’s done this update 20 times. I was connecting, yet again, to finally send a report to Pebble Support.


10:38 pm – veranda | Pokemon, yo.


11:08 pm – veranda | Nachos.


11:52 pm – bedroom. |  Not sure how I accumulated two Ventolins on the shelf by my bed. Toothbrush time.


12:21 am – bedroom | Somehow a dolphin from SeaWorld and a hula hoop call my cabin bedroom home?


12:31 am – bedroom | Pretending to sleep before actually sleeping.