Resistance was a major thing I felt in regard to the last point in the Recommendations section of the report of my psychoeducational evaluation. It is important to recognize that though an ADHD diagnosis cannot be made based on the results obtained, the possibility of an ADHD diagnosis has not been ruled out. Considering that […]

Affirmation: sharing your story is important.

ADHD medication doesn’t keep me alive like other meds do. But it does make my life so much better. (Without making it neurotypical–who wants that?!)

October is both ADHD and learning disabilities awareness month!

There are a few things I have opinions on—a lot of the time I just shut up, but sometimes I get argumentative, and sometimes I get argumentative about my opinions with people on Twitter. We are usually quite civil about it, but this is the first time I ended up reviewing a book out of […]