Lose stuff all the time?

Yeah, me too. Thanks, executive functioning fail.

I’m pretty sure that since Christmas, Tile has saved me at least 30 minutes per week I spent looking for my keys. I don’t know where my spare key(s) is(are) because I don’t need to. Because I can find my keys with my phone. By hitting a button in the app, my keys emit this cute tune via the Tile.


Yeah, there’s some mild grossness on my Tile because duh, it’s like constantly in my pocket/backpack/etc. Which means it’s actually useful.

The badass thing is that I can also find my phone using my keys! The “e” is a secret little button that you can press and make your phone ring even if it is on silent. So I am only screwed if I lose both of them. I guess I could put the Tile app on my mom’s phone, but she’s misplaced her phone more times this year than I have in my life, so… 😉

The only drawback for Tile is that the battery is non-replaceable. But, given the popularity of the Tile vs. others, and the community aspect of it (other people’s phones running the Tile app pick up other Tiles—they just can’t see where they are—and transmit your Tile’s data to you in the event your item is lost).

My keys are the only thing I’ve put a Tile on, but, with the new slimmer Tile out, I’m considering putting one in my wallet, too. Just in case ;).

I don’t know if the people who made Tile (or anybody else that has made similar technology) have ADHD, but this kind of tracker is a godsend for those of us who do!

Day 4 Challenge Update:
 75 seconds. Tomorrow’s an app rest day, but I’m going to plank still. ‘Cause it’s a MONTH LONG plank challenge, yo.

I should probably just stop noting that I’m using the Smiling Mind app, but hey. It’s good stuff. I did the Bite Size meditation called Internal Weather. My internal weather was just sleepy so I was happy the meditation was Bite Size ;).

2 thoughts on “adhd tech tuesday: tile [04/31]

  1. Sounds great, but wouldn’t putting a tile on your wallet and all tiles tracking other tiles make it easier for someone to steal your wallet?

    1. Nope. All tiles can pick up my tile but nobody but me (or anybody I give access to) can see where my Tile is :).
      Plus you don’t have to name the item (although my keys are called keys haha). You could call your wallet something like “notebook” though, if that were a concern ;).

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