The great thing about technology that is great for ADHDers is that it’s also great for like 95% of other people. Most of it is not eve designed with ADHDers in mind, but for everyone. (That is where good design comes in!) However, good technology is even more of a benefit, I think, to those of us with ADHD than it might be for others—if that’s even possible given how much the world now relies on technology.

This is where Google Calendar comes in.

I am not a crazy colour coder. I do use Calendars 5 for iOS which has some colours in it for different To-Do list fields which is okay, now that Microsoft killed Sunrise, because Microsoft is mean that way. (I’m pretty sure they also killed Timeful. Damn it, Microsoft!) But my Google Calendar is not all colour coded. Everything feeds into my iPad, iPhone, and Mac (except I currently lack a calendar app on my Mac because I don’t like anything except for Sunrise which is now dead, and refuse to pay $60 for a calendar app. C’mon guys.)

I’ve been a pretty thorough Google Calendar user for years. And years. Except now that I bullet journal (more on that Thursday), I am less into the Google Calendar. But, with IFTTT (more on If This Then That next week), I do still store a TON of information in my Google Calendar, ready to access wherever I need it. (Because somehow I never lose my phone ever. Miracle.) Foursquare checkins and other such things are pushed into my Google Calendar so I can check back later to see where I was on a particular day, or when I want to whatever place. If I’ve used Foursquare anyways which I usually forget to.

Sunrise made a lot of my Google Calendar-y things even easier. But, hey, maybe sharing my rambly love for Google Calendar with you all is the way I can actually get myself to IFTTT more things to my Calendar. (Maybe not the best idea to keep things uncluttered, but in terms of an archive, it’s super great.)

One thing that I hugely appreciate from Google Calendar that my Bullet Journal cannot give me is alerts. Alerts are SO freaking important to me (although I did get really alarm fatigued by my Fitbit and all my Concerta alarms so I am STILL trying to figure out a way to ensure I take my Concerta at noon everyday…). But for special tasks, they are great. Like submitting a job application or—for next year—I have four reminders set asking me if I want to cancel my Visa card because it keeps auto-renewing and now I finally have a record of the auto-renew date.

Because honestly, y’think I’m going to contact my BANK? I’d need four alerts for that, too ;).

Challenge Update Day 11:

Meditation: Body Scan Bubble Journey meditation last night, 7 minutes.

Plank: Crossed the 100 second barrier today: 105 seconds. It was friggen hard. It’s hard to believe that after just 11 days, I can do 50 more seconds than I could at the beginning of the month. Day 30 will be 205 seconds—ridiculous!

2 thoughts on “ADHD tech tuesday: google calendar ramblings [11/31]

  1. I <3 Google Calendar. My mom chronicles her life in there and I have started doing it too. It's also helpful to invite people to events or to remind your spouse about joint appointments. 🙂

    1. Yes! I often invite people to events or just like coffee dates using Google Calendar (if they indeed use it). Thanks for reminding me of that bonus too!

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