adhd fact friday

Week Two Fact:
It’s said that ADHD occurs 3 times more often in boys/men than girls/women. 
However, the symptoms girls exhibit are more likely to be overlooked.
Where boys seem more prone to the hyperactive/impulsive(/inattentive) form of ADHD—including moving around a lot, aggression, running/climbing, etc., girls are more likely to have the quiet sort of inattentive symptoms—daydreaminess, being “withdrawn”, low self-esteem or anxiety, and if ‘aggressive’, symptoms are verbal—not physical. [1]

Inattentive ADHD—in girls or boys—is a lot easier to miss, because while it’s all “behavioural”, the behaviours are not of the same magnitude.


Challenge Update Day 13/14:
Yes, I was too ranty last night to get the challenge update in.
 Hello there.

Meditation: Mindful vs. Mindless meditation last night, 3 minutes. The night prior was a bit of a shorter one but, yep, if it exists I can’t find where the history bit of Smiling Mind went off to.

Plank: This app is killing me (in a good way? Sort of?) Yesterday was 105 seconds… Then boom, 115—a whole minute longer than when I started. (I am sort of awestruck, if you haven’t figured that out.) The 105 was terrible because I didn’t put music on. 115 was surprisingly better (but then, I was listening to Fireworks by The Tragically Hip. Soooo.)
Tomorrow is 125—crossing the 2 minute mark.

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