On the 12th of each month, I take 12 pictures throughout the day and then blog them. Here are my photos for December 12, 2015.


12:21 am – bathroom. I regularly empty my pockets while taking my bedtime inhalers.


9:26 am – bedroom. Good morning, Movie Mike! He and my earphones slid under the bed overnight, despite that the cupcake tries to protect him.


10:50 am – bus. I unintentionally collect these things. I’m going to make a collage one day, I think.


1:45 pm – Amber and Darren’s. Happy first birthday, Bria! 


3:50 pm – bus. Riki borrowed this skateboard like, two years ago (it’s a long story). Now I’m taking it on buses in December. (Also a long story.)


5:09 pm – bus. Yes, I did say I was taking the skateboard, covered in duct tape, on buses, plural.


6:29 pm – kitchen. Arise by Chevelle always makes me think of my friend Darren, so I took a screenshot and sent it to him. You can check out his bass cover here (filmed by yours truly :].)


6:59 pm – dining room. Decorated my little Christmas tree, complete with cupcakes and airplanes. I want an airplane tree topper, really, though this penguin will suffice.


10:32 pm – bathroom. After nearly 10 years of needing to be fragrance-free, I finally found unscented bubbles. I’m kind of obsessed with them, but they are hard to find—my best friend found these ones for me :).


11:29 pm – kitchen. Not sure why there is a pumpkin in my kitchen. And mostly why it has not been made into pie yet.


11:30 pm – kitchen. My current netflix obsession – Life Unexpected. [Which I finished on the 13th and am very unsure about the ending.


11:31 pm – kitchen. And, when Netflix breaks… “Whoops, something went wrong…” They got nothing on Google Chrome’s “Oh snap!” error page…

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