Happy March! After a great day at goalball (my arm hurts from throwing! :]) and attempting to make things out of loom bands again (I mostly failed, I finally made a pencil grip), I’d consider this a strong start. Looking back on February, I’m going to try to one-up [at least!] all these numbers during March. It has more days, after all…

Blog posts: 8 (January – 11.)

Steps: 103,648 per intraday Fitbit exports; 120,915 per Fitline (these should be using the same data?!); 106,708 per Zenobase. (What did I pay for Fitline, then?!) Regardless: more movement needed. (Averaging 44 fairly active minutes per day, though. Cool.)

Tracks: Added to the running 2015 playlist: 4 (maybe 5).

Pictures taken: 467

The amusing thing is, it seems most of the sites I have set up to give me stats on such things… do not send those reports on the first of the month if it is a Sunday [or I just have things set to start the week on Monday. So… stay tuned for updates.


8 thoughts on “february: in numbers

  1. I’m curious about those step count discrepancies… Did you travel across any time zones last month? Also, how are you exporting the intraday data?

    1. Hey Eric,
      Great to hear from you! I’m curious about them too, especially–of course–based on the fact that they’re from the same device!
      The intraday data was exported with Ernesto Ramirez’s google sheets script (http://quantifiedself.com/2014/09/download-minute-fitbit-data/). It’s weird about the relatively small difference between Ernesto’s script for intraday data totalled up vs. Zenobase, and the huge difference presented by Fitline for iOS.
      I’ll shoot Ernesto a tweet and see what his thoughts are.

      1. Interesting. My guess is Eric is right. If you traveled across timezones then there may be a counting error. I get discrepancies when totaling my steps from Fitbit and comparing it to other services as well.

        1. Weirdly, I actually didn’t change time zones at ALL this month! [I haven’t even left the country–or province!–since November!]

          Regardless, I want my $0.99 from Fitline back, haha :].

          1. …duh, that would be a good place to look :]. I just had to learn how to use it for this purpose, hah. Been overcomplicating.

            106,708 steps. So… Zenobase is dead on :].

  2. Zenobase can import either daily or hourly step counts. I’m guessing that if you chose the hourly option, you’d get the same number as with Ernesto’s script. I’ve asked Fitbit if there is anything other than time zone changes that can cause the two numbers to differ, but haven’t heard back…

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