the hardest thing is a rendering, a moment moving too fast too endure
would you abide and smile wide, because i want to remember this for sure.
[…] our pictures say with sight what we can’t say with words,
[…] a picture will survive, so smile and look alive,
a camera lens is opening, a wider angle’s yours.

look alive, incubus.


saturday [january 24].

free concert? in a library? 
(William Prince, Cassidy Mann, Don Amero)

including this guy—Will—two days back from China?!

yes please!



imagine my surprise when I looked down to what i thought was a raquetball court,
but instead has been morphed into the basketball hall of fame
including a ladder. 



pebble was all explode-y when i did two twitter chats simultaneously.
[is the correct term tweet chats? if so, i hate that and refuse.]#BellLetsTalk

this sign has been here forever. it has been back to school season for a looooong time, my friends.

check out my friend Darren’s bass videos yet?

sometimes Bryan and i then eat snacks on buses.

then go bake cinnamon swirl loaf with my grandma

bryan’s wrist is quite a right angle…


wesmen win!


now on the pharmacare formulary—concerta.
thank god because, you know, that target thing.


(begin february.)

cauliflower crust pizza. yes.
despite that my kitchen is a demolition zone. 

2 thoughts on “be still: end january.

  1. This round was a bit crumbly, but when we’ve done it in the past it’s worked pretty well! I think it just depends how well you suck the water out of the cauliflower–in this case, not nearly enough :). It’s also been months since we last made it, because my mom keeps breaking her food processors 😛

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