I often sport products made by the awesome Ms. Donna Annese, the creator of Tallygear. Regardless of what kind of small items you’re needing to carry around with you, if Donna doesn’t have something to suit your needs on her site, she’ll think something up as quickly as you can ask for it! Donna launched Tallygear–named after her daughter, Tally–after creating the original Tummietote band: a fun way for Tally, who has type 1 diabetes, to carry her insulin pump and other necessities, but also allowing a lot of freedom. The tummietote band is comfortable, flexible, and most importantly, attached to me. For kids, but also other (disorganized?) adults like myself, the fact that I’m not putting my bag down anywhere means that I’m not forgetting it anywhere.

Unless I need a backpack, thanks to Donna, I basically never have to carry a bag anymore—for quick trips out of the house or workouts, I can stash my inhaler, keys, debit card(s), phone and whatever else into a tummietote band or belt and roll. For longer ventures, like field trips at work or if I need a bit more stuff with me, I LOVE the medical supply tote (formerly called the Hipster Pack)—I can fit multiple inhalers, an aerochamber, and several other small items inside, and barely notice it. To add to the fun, I also have several “super cool” headbands, and medical ID wristbands also made by Donna.

Several months ago (as you can tell, my blogging has been scarce—I intended to write this months ago!), Donna made the Dexcom G4 case. I commented on one of her posts that I’d love to see something similar to toss an inhaler (you know, for days where I need even less storage than the tummietote!) . . . and, she made it happen! I picked some fabric, and my wish was her command—I found not only a brightly coloured clip-on inhaler case, but a black one, in my mailbox a few weeks later


I love this thing. I usually keep it attached to a belt loop (however, tutus also have nifty little ribbon loops inside supposedly for hanging, but also likely useful for clipping-ness—in the above picture, I’m wearing black jeans under the tutu, and though you can’t see the belt loops, it’s attached to my jeans). The tutu method, however, also allows for the case to be attached and hidden underneath. In addition to my Ventolin inhaler, I usually have a bus ticket inside (or, I did until I got an iPhone, which is more convenient for storing bus tickets in the case of than the BlackBerry was), and occasionally a stray Concerta if I’m going to be out at noon when I take my midday dose). I also usually have a house key clipped to the carabiner (because that is mostly the only key in my life other than my work key). Contrary to the above picture, at this point I usually have it clipped at my side, and in that position I barely notice it.

Mostly, though? Regardless of the colour, it’s surprisingly inconspicuous! I work with kids, and either they’ve just learned that’s probably my inhaler, or they just don’t really notice it.

I’m banking on inconspicuous, though. Those kids LOVE my neon squares Hipster Pack—and I’ve even had random kids I don’t know tell me how cool it is. Well, girls anyways. I’d probably have to get some t-rexes or something* going on for the boys to exit their own little world. (*I just racked my mind for three minutes and can’t seem to determine what boys are into at present. Previous seasons it has been Deadmau5 and LMFAO and Minecraft, but I am apparently no longer with it.)

Thanks, Donna!  If you haven’t already, check out Tallygear to discover more fun ways to store your stuff—if you don’t see it, dream it up and get in touch with Donna—she’s amazing, and she’ll make it happen!


Disclosure: I received the inhaler cases, as well as other Tallygear products in the past from Donna for free. I was under no obligation to blog about the products, or provide a positive review. There’s a reason I keep going back, people: her stuff is quality, and I need more colours and designs! :]

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