On the 12th of the month, some people snap 12 pictures throughout the day and blog them. Here are my pictures from August 12th, 2013!


10:44 am – bathroom. Yeah, glamour. Didn’t take enough pictures so this one had to be included, which I took to send to a friend.  So, I take two of these a day to basically prevent me from dying, instead of their intended purpose of preventing babies. So, I was not paying attention at all and ended up snapping my first pill of the pack out of the wrong day–since I take two a day, i usually start on the corresponding day of the week [sans stickers usually] and pop AM out of row 1 and PM out of row 2 for the first week, then do the bottom row all screwy like. So I tried to reverse what I did this round, and now everything is confused.


10:55 am – kitchen. Candy and Concerta. Which, you know, reminded me of the Green Day lyric from Jesus of Suburbia “the bible of, none of the above, on a steady diet of / soda pop and ritalin . . .”


12:34 am – kitchen. “Let me write it on your hand / so you won’t forget.” (Write It On Your Hand, Marvelous 3). NEED bus tickets.


1:05 PM – bus stop. Trying to get across the street but there are too many freaking cars. Don’t jaywalk, kids.


1:42 pm – bookstore. Why are the chem books like this, and the physics books not? THIS IS ALL PHYSICS. Also oh my goodness fancy.


2:03 pm – annex. About to meet Bryan for lunch. He and I are known to discuss the people who clean the floor in this building 80 times a day, so I tweeted this picture to him. [80 times is probably not an exaggeration].


2:42 pm – boon burger. Super simple vegan burger from Boon. To see Bryan’s mountain of meatlessness, click here.


3:15 pm – boon burger. This is how they remember where the order goes to :D.


3:19 pm – bannatyne ave. Bryan and I taking pictures. Except, you know, he wasn’t ready for this one but I HAVE TO INCLUDE IT BECAUSE I DIDN’T TAKE ENOUGH PICTURES. At least he looks like he is laughing, right? :]


3:20 pm – bannatyne ave. There we go! :]


5:05 pm – grandparents. Bryan dropped me off at my grandparents’ place, where they were outside and thus not answering their door. I figured it out and then sat here for awhile.


7:16 pm – grandparents kitchen. Late supper, which was all good due to getting boon’ed so hard. [Thanks for the variety of uses for Boon, Bryan!]. Grilled cheese, yay!

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