World Asthma Day was last Tuesday, and I am extremely frustrated that I missed it being in the hospital. I missed my five-year asthma-versary being sick. As for my World Asthma Day post, here it is. Late and without the buzz surrounding World Asthma Day.

But you know what? The first Tuesday in May or not, it still matters. It matters as much as it did on the day that it was created, and it will matter as much as it does until this stupid disease is cured. I feel asthma as both a blessing and a curse, but the reality is, I would probably be a different person without it–and I honestly don’t think i would be a better person without it.  And I certainly would be missing a lot of amazing friends without it.

On World Asthma Day, though, at 3 AM PDT (5 AM CDT), from hospital rooms 3,035 kilometers apart in two different countries, through e-mails my friend Steve and I decreased the distance for moments at a time, as he dealt with a lot of hardcore shit at the same time as he was hospitalized yet again because of his asthma.  Steve is not only the guy who is half responsible for my perspective on living with asthma being how it is, because of all he’s taught me and all he’s walked through with me . . . but because it’s when he gets sick, it’s also when I get the angriest about this stupid disease and the reality of the impact it can have on people. Yet, Steve’s story also contains a lot of positivity. As does mine.

There are echoes of conversations I’ve had with many people in this video–with Steve, with Jay, with Natasha and Elisheva and many others.  And now, I’ll share them here.

Because I have the ability to change my own world. And having asthma doesn’t change that.

The guest posts will resume this week, and I am really excited to share them with everybody. Have an asthma story to share? E-mail me at kerriontheprairies [at] gmail [dot] com.

6 thoughts on “world asthma day 2013: catch my breath and go for it

    1. What happened to your comment?? Yesterday was my monthly inhaler run. And I got a 3-pack of contact solution too. Yay!

      1. Lol the comment e-mailed itself to you. Yay inhaler run!!!
        My inhaler runs happen all scattered-like. Last week I got two Ventolins and an Atrovent. I keep acquiring samples of Zenhale from my doctor [this one expired in March but I’m sure it’s fine] which decreases my need to go to the pharmacy, and Qvars last me quite some time. :] (As does the Nasonex because I always forget to take it, ahem.]

  1. Hi Kerri! I wish You all the best for World Asthma Day!
    God heared my prayers and I will buy tomorrow my medicines (I wrote in Your last post in comments about current problem with them in my country) 🙂 And I hadn’t to search them far away from my home…
    Greetings from rainy and cold Poland.

    1. Thank you, Zim–I hope you had a great World Asthma Day! :]

      I hope your access to medication improves–it’s so important to be able to keep up with these meds regularly to keep things in control.

  2. Yes, I spent this day in Bosnia (this is country in Southern Europe, ex-Jugoslavia), as You know. It was great, because they had sun. Now in Cracow we have very cold evening 🙁
    Fortunately I have good access to medicines now, but I was afraid about it. Not because of money, but because of simply lack of medicines in Polish pharmacies. But now it is improving – just imagine, first generics in the world 🙂

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