As 2012 turned to 2013, I re-evaluated what goals i’d hit on in 2012, and which I had yet to accomplish. It’s a constant process, and it’s stellar to see it unfold. However, it’s true that I’ve never been about the new-year’s aspect of new years resolutions, and the reality is, I never hit up any goals for 2013.

So, instead of the typical new year benchmark . . . I’m using my birthday!

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Goals for my twenty-second year:

  • Get healthy. [It’s vague, it encompasses a lot of things, but is it ever relevant right now.]
  • Walk a 10K race. [Last year, wouldn’t have been a big thing. This year, after the asthma shenanigans and the anemia shenanigans, I’m starting from zero. And that’s scary–however, if it doesn’t scare you, it doesn’t change you.]
  • Active choices: Make them.
  • Visit new places near and far.
  • Pass anatomy.
  • Create more. [Writing, music, video: it all counts.]
  • Journal (at least) weekly.
  • Be more mindful–focus on the present.
  • Abandon apathy. [Special relevance in regard to asthma/sinus care, but also everything].
  • Learn more about learning more.
  • Trust the process.
  • Continue to recognize the Good Things.


i’m one year older now since the last time i saw you / in case you wanna know, i’m about to say what i’m up to […] / some peace of mind is what i want, but that will be the day.

[…] searching for the energy and the time to make a change / to make a change in my life / instead of watching it pass by / get something done while i’m alive.

i’m twenty two / don’t know what i’m supposed to do / or how to be / to get some more out of me. […]

afraid that i will be weak forever / i can’t stay in this shape any longer […] / i’ve been going with the flow for too long now / this must end / running ’round in circles / i’ve been so far from myself / i try to activate myself the best i can / so boredom won’t catch up with me / i got my daily plan.

twenty two, millencolin

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    1. LOL, my friend Simi also told me about that song! :]

      Think we can get somebody to sponsor me to come to Israel? I wonder how I can start rocking more asthma-related travel ;). Thanks for all of your support–always :D.

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