On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers from around the world take 12 pictures of their day and blog them.  Here are my pictures for May 12th, 2013!


9:32 am – car. Iced coffee on the way to the cabin for the day.


10:22 am – beausejour subway. Subway: everybody’s got one. Getting lunch to eat at the cabin.


10:30 am – beausejour main street. How kickass is this bowling sign? Also I had a conversation with someone walking down the street while taking this because she totally takes pictures like me.


11:25 am – cabin. Pretty sure the first sight of this view for the year is one of my favourite feelings.


1:45 pm – back deck. This is my view while studying (for a class I dropped the next day. Good use of time there.)


6:12 pm – kitchen at home. I still love this water bottle I snagged from an unmanned booth at the World Congress of Asthma in Quebec. LUNGS.


7:50 pm – kitchen. My friend Dia from the GTA sent her aunt over to hand deliver some get-well gifts for me following being in the hospital, which was really sweet of BOTH of them!  These cupcakes were a part of it, and amazing :].


10:39 pm – bedroom. Finished my friend Scott’s book Life is Short, Laundry is Eternal tonight. Fantastic read.


11:10 pm – kitchen. I think I basically decided to drop this course when I saw that the final exam was worth 40% and the paper was only worth 15%.


11:14 pm – kitchen. Knocked the salt/pepper shaker over as I was packing up my stuff for the next day. This happens frequently, but usually I don’t have to sweep up this much salt from the table.


11:18 pm – bathroom. At this point I was convinced that the tape from my IV was never, ever going to come off. Except my friend Steve is a smartypants [with far too much experience with the medical tape] and suggested trying acetone (i.e. nailpolish remover). Totally worked, but I didn’t try it until a day or two later.


11:25 pm – bedroom. Far too late for bed on a Sunday.


3 thoughts on “12 of 12 – may 2013!

  1. Cool 12 of 12 that was… I think I would have dropped the same class but purely because the final exam was 3 hours long… I can’t concentrate for that long 🙂

    1. 90% of finals are a 3 hour time slot and not really an option. Actually, because of my attention deficit and processing speed, I get 125% time for exams, so my allotted time is now LONGER than three hours for long finals.

  2. What’s the Jour thing? Don’t get it… (Not really Canadian… 🙁 ) [<- Did I say that?]

    Yeah, the stickiness of the medical tape! And then yuck gets stuck to it and it turns black. Every time I donate blood that happens. I'll try the acetone thing next time.

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