On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers from around the world take 12 pictures of their day and blog them.  Here are my pictures for April 12th, 2013!


9:33 am – vaughan. I was lucky to get my 12:30 doctor’s appointment moved up to 9:30 [also known as “come whenever” because the assistant loves me]. I’m always mildly curious about this store.


9:36 am – doctor. I pointedly ignore this sign. One time, my doctor walked into the office and I put my phone down and took my earphones out of my ears, saying “You know, if I actually listened to those signs and turned my phone off whenever I came in here, I would never get anything accomplished.” My doctor just laughed and told me “That’s fine.”


10:02 am – doctor’s office. I make faces while waiting, apparently.


10:12 am – lab. Classy, Dynacare. Classy.


10:13 am – lab. Doing a full check on the anemia today, apparently. I told the doctor “Okay, if they’re going to take blood, can we check more than just one thing?” Hemoglobin, platelets, ferritin (storage iron), iron and TIBC later. I think Complete Blood Count was checked off somewhere, too.


10:16 am – lab. This process is all very quick after I actually saw the doctor. I got the grown up needle this time. And I got to tell the phlebotomist all about 12 of 12, and she tried to tell me good times to take the pictures so they’d be cool :]. She was awesome!


10:24 am – vaughan. I honestly walked by this puppy in the window, thought it was fake, and had to turn around and do a double take to determine its realness. Verdict: real puppy!


10:35 am – school. Bought my textbooks for my spring course so I could take one of them to Accessibility Services to be sent off to be made into an eText so I can audio-ify it. The AS assistant is awesomesauce, and we had a fun discussion about this course and how she wants to take my books and read them. :] (And Starbucks. And how it needs to be the weekend.)


12:06 pm – boon burger. Best. Vegan burger. Place. Evaaaar. DINOSAURS.


12:39 pm – car. If you have a tea reading done, do you get to drink the tea?


4:14 pm – gym at work. “Miss Kerri! The chicken’s leg fell off! [Gym teacher’s name] puts them on top of her pens when that happens! Put it on your pen!”


5:45 pm – front lobby. Out of work early. Pre-coaching dinner.

2 thoughts on “12 of 12 – april ’13!

  1. I thought about making new blood test before going to hospital… But I don’t have time now. Your face before it is fine 🙂 Greetings from rainy south Poland.

    1. Haha, the face was before the doctors’ appointment itself, not the blood work. I’m relatively unfazed by needles [perhaps, as evidenced, by how I take pictures of them :).]

      Hope you’re doing well, Zim!

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