I have a lot of gaps in my days–it is probably somewhat indicative of doing too much and also doing not enough at the same time.

Mondays, I spend five hours in a Starbucks between class and lab. There are much worse places to spend five hours, but also many better. While I am occasionally that person that gets talked to by random strangers, apparently I look slightly too engaged for somebody to sit down and have coffee with me on days, like today, where I am by myself in a Starbucks for five hours. However, occasionally i see interesting things–more interesting than the bus that pulls up in front of my window here every twenty minutes going to another university; more interesting than the time they were demolishing the floor to install an ATM; more interesting than the fact that it is, yet again, snowing. I also see non-interesting but amusing things, like how the floor in here gets cleaned every 20 minutes and occasionally the floor cleaning machine guy almost runs me over and how the same bus goes by every 20 minutes–perhaps it is synchronized with the floor cleaner.

But this? This was GOLD.

Last Monday some dude busted a donut out of his suit jacket pocket.

It was amazing, I tell you. I am fortunate that my friend Sam was with me, because I was not able to contain my inner excitement–it became outer excitement and whisper-yelling. “SAM. THAT GUY JUST PULLED A DONUT OUT OF HIS POCKET.”


Seriously–#pocketdonut might be the most amazing hashtag EVER. (Bryan, we need an #annexfloorcleaner hashtag now).

Thursday I worked a split shift and went to class in between (oh, and I had coffee with Bryan up there in between!). My phone has been having shenanigans (solved, thus far, on Saturday by a new charger), so I went to the mall to see what Rogers could do for me (answer: nothing, except tell me they would have to send it to RIM and it would cost me a bunch of money). So, after that I ended up in the food court and got some pizza–where there was no pizza on the rack. I ordered, paid and sat down at a table to wait. After a few minutes, an old lady was standing in front of the pizza place waiting, and then came over and asked if she could join me.

Then we had lunch together and it was awesome.  Also, to accentuate her epic-ness, the woman was probably 70+ and consumed two pieces of pizza.

So now, after 3.5 hours in the Starbucks, I’ve written these stories and cleaned out my backpack–evidence of the stories that have unfolded.

One day last term, I was sitting outside the anatomy lab waiting for my tutor when my cousin Dean walked down the stairs. “Here,” he said, holding out his closed fist “Have this.”



You rock.

4 thoughts on “filling the gaps: stories from downtime

    1. Thank goodness fun things happened to put in here! Bryan was hassling me on the lack of blog posts as of late.

    1. The pocket donut is basically the greatest thing I have ever seen while on campus. Even better than the guy singing Purple People Eater while going up the escalator :].

      The floor cleaners are terrifying, I am not so much a fan–while I was sitting at that table we had coffee at either Tuesday or Thursday, the dude almost attacked my shoe!

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