On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers from around the world take 12 pictures of their day and blog them.  Here are my pictures for February 12th, 2013!


9:52 am – school starbucks. Getting my iced tea on. I think I’ve only had one other iced tea from Starbucks and that was like three years ago. Iced black tea with raspberry.  As I type this, I’m working on a Venti. I might be getting addicted.


10:47 am – school starbucks. Sad because it is gone.


11:11 am – school starbucks.You always catch the clock, it’s 11:11…


11:18 am – hallway. This is not my classroom, but i make a wrong turn or two every freaking time I go to this class and end up here.


12:44 am – class. Courtney and I finished all of our work early (because this class is kind of a joke), and then proceeded to look at the drink options at Second Cup because it was the last Latte Tuesday, so I had to plan to partake!


1:38 pm – shopper’s drug mart. Reading material while waiting for the pharm tech. Also “Do you have any questions for the pharmacist?” “Not unless you’ve cured me.”


2:12 pm – second cup. Impromptu-ish coffee with Tara. Rocking the giant chocolate chai latte, over half of which is still in my fridge waiting to be turned into iced chocolate chai latte.


2:51 pm – home. My first Lauren’s Hope ID bracelet arrived! So jazzed!


4:39 pm – home. Ordering pizza with Tara. Who in their right mind would categorize THIS as juice?


4:56 pm – home. Pizza is on its way and will be here in less than 40. Or it’s free.


5:17 pm – home. In the Special Instructions box, we requested a smiley face to please be drawn on the box. And they did!


10:55 pm – bedroom. It’s Bell Let’s Talk day in support of people living with mental illness. I happened to be wearing my TWLOHA Love is the Movement shirt, which felt appropriate.

5 thoughts on “12 of 12 – february ’13!

  1. I love the smiley pizzas too! Also Canada is phasing out the penny? Is the US? And did you actually say that curing you comment to the pharmacist?

  2. You have really colorful life. Today in my city begins action of awarness – war against smog in my city, which is the most polluted not only in Poland, but in the all Europe. There will be billboards about the danger of smog and petition to local government. Greetings for You 🙂

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