Last term was not a good one.  Final grades are in . . . and I never thought I’d have become a straight-F student while working so hard.

What gives? Two terms in a row and three Fs accumulated? Not good.  Two rounds of anatomy failed and to be potentially repeated yet again; one round of social psych never to be attempted again. Psych is evidently not my thing–goodbye potential thoughts of the double-major once again.

Fortunately, due to current faculty policy, I was able to get a waiver for the anatomy requirement for Scientific Principles of Fitness and Conditioning, which is among the few courses I need to graduate.  This is getting crazy, and I just want to get out of there. This term, I’ve already dropped Philosophy of Mind which was accompanying Scientific Principles and Sport Ethics, and picked up Introduction to University.

Because that is exactly what I need in the second term of my fourth year. Being taught how to write papers and use the library and all these “choose your own adventure” assignments. Exactly. What. I. Need.  */sarcasm.  Hoping this is an easy-A and I can offset some of those Fs in the GPA a little bit.

Rectification.  Rectifying what is spinning out . . . and hoping to make it right.

Spinning out . . . into the good.

In a e-mail discussion with Jay, regarding, in part, the “choose your own adventure” assignments, he suggested the idea of university wellness as my assignment topic.  I dug it a lot. I rolled with it. For the first time since last Fall, I am potentially excited about a paper/project topic, pending I just push myself through all of the boring lectures (where they do attendance. Attendance! University is not high school, as the instructor keeps saying . . . so stop trying to make it so).  Hopefully that turns out well, and helps somebody else think a little different about how they’re living their life.

Sidebar: Jay also has updated his guest blog post about the chaotic journey he has been going through health-wise for the last couple years, and the ensuing recoveries . . . underscoring what I’ve said to people in the past:

“We are every bit as resilient as our circumstances attempt to be.”

Realization: I need to apply that to myself.

Resilience.  And rectification.

2 thoughts on “rectification

  1. Oy. *Hugs* I tended to get slightly worse grades each year of my university degree. I think I was just getting sick of it and ready to stop being a student, even tho I loved university. Waiver? You don’t have to do anatomy anymore? Cool.

    1. I need to take it, but I don’t require it to get into the class that I am supposed to have it for. It’s kind of a long story.

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