On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers from around the world take 12 pictures of their day and blog them.  Here are my pictures for January 12th, 2013!


12:54 am – kitchen. Trying to actually do some non-blog journaling this year. Now it’s bedtime.


11:20 am – kitchen. Got some snow overnight.


2:26 pm – kitchen. Watching WheezyNews vlogs. “This is my preferred method of transportation.”


2:33 pm – kitchen. Mike and I discussing how boring our Saturday 12s will be. Go see his here!


3:08 pm – bedroom. Spent some time on Google Hangout today–second call about to start with Steve because we wanted to try it out–by the time I joined the hangout he’d already decked himself out with effects. Dia and I also did a Hangout call when Skype/Facebook failed us in the morning. I am in love with Hangouts. :]


6:08 pm – kitchen. Vegetarian tacos! I’m extremely boring and all I top the soy taconess with is cheese. So good.


6:28 pm – kitchen. Rocking my ugly sweatpants that you cannot see, so needed to rock my Tummietote to hold my iPod while doing dishes. Priorities, people. See also my epic Threadless shirt with the awesome organs hugging each other :].


7:03 pm – kitchen. I am never going to get an anatomy grade, am I?


7:52 pm – bedroom. Cleaning all of my empty inhalers out of the drawer in my bathroom. This is out of control. That blue Ventolin off to the side is actually probably nearly full but expires in a month. Total count, 47.


8:17 pm – bedroom. Moved onto a different drawer in my room. Seriously. Total count, 57. I haven’t been on Advair [purple] since September ’09, and FloVent [red/orange cap] since March ’09.

Total total: 104. This isn’t a complete number but pretty close. See also: tired of this! Cure please?


10:33 pm – kitchen. Been kind of lazy on the video blogs. Tomorrow.


11:54 pm – kitchen. This made me laugh. A lot. By myself.

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