That’s right, a 12/12/12 12!  Yes, I actually did this on the 12th, but between life and studying for my anatomy finals this past Monday, posting has been neglected until I stumbeld upon Mike’s 12 this morning!  Time to roll this out, finally!


7:12 am – basement. So, I’m a lefty overpronator and a neutral right? Interesting.


7:23 am – car. On my way to work. Why is December so freaking dark?


7:27 am – work. One of my favourite things is walking into work and seeing this sign. Serious Good Things.


8:05 am – work. I sincerely hope this is not counted as a dairy product.


12:46 pm – school. This is what the university looks like in December. Kind of a hazard.


2:07 PM – athletic centre. My friend Elaine and I did a pre-exam week swap–she spent some time helping me with anatomy, and I got to be her “patient” so she could assess my “upper limb injuries”.  This one made me laugh.


3:17 pm – bathroom. University bathroom graffiti entertains me. Possibly too much.


3:17 pm – bathroom. Truth!


4:03 pm – downtown. The bridge of a thousand nicknames…


6:01 pm – mongo’s. Went to dinner with my friends Jess and Tara.  This ordering dessert thing is becoming a bad habit, but look at the DELICIOUS.  Confession: I ate half the brownie and got the rest packed up, but then we ended up sitting there another hour so I ate it. Oops. I TRIED ROCKING THE MODERATION. I TRIED.


7:41 pm – kitchen. My phone died on the way to dinner. It requires charging about seventy times a day.


11:21 pm – bedroom. This is what happens when I do dishes on not my dishes day at work. And, I didn’t notice ALL DAY. I’m classy.

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell, check out the other 12 of 12s for December here!

2 thoughts on “12 of 12 – december ’12!

  1. Nice pictures! What time was that that you were leaving to work? Also – yum brownies. Also wow snow. I keep forgetting that it’s snowing now in various places that aren’t here.

    1. The shoes? 7:12 am. I start work at 7:30.

      The brownie was amazing. And, you can have some of my snow. Like when it was snowing last week and plastering itself to my face and in my hair. No bueno.

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