hello, good morning, how ya do? what makes your rising sun so new? i could use a fresh beginning, too . . . all of my regrets are nothing new.

[…] i’m dying to breathe in these abundant skies.

hello, good morning, how ya been? yesterday left, my head kicked in. i never, never thought that i would fall like that, never knew that i could hurt this bad.

i’m learning to breathe, i’m learning to crawl […]

learning to breathe, switchfoot


I will be completely honest that I have been very much out of the groove since the beginning of September. At first, I blamed it on readjusting to the new routine of school. Then I was crazy busy, and blamed that. Then I went to California. And we all know what happened in California [and, unfortunatley, did not stay in California].

I’m not intending for this to be a bitchfest post. I’m intending it to be an accountability point. While it is one thing that two or three weeks ago, doing stairs was still really hard, I am slowly getting back to where I want to be. The fact that I haven’t been working out lately prior to the asthma exacerbation is nothing’s fault but my own. I am the one who makes those choices, and I have not been making those choices. So, it is going to be doubly hard to get back to doing what I know I need to be doing exercise-wise because I’ve probably already lost a fair amount of where I was at the beginning of September from simply not being intentional. Yes, I’ve been busy, and yes, recently I’ve been sick. The latter is a reason . . . the former is an excuse.

Since I lost my Fitbit [seriously. It was honestly super depressing when I discovered it was MIA. The people at Fitbit are awesome and are sending me a complimentary replacement], and am constantly in need of some kind of motivation, I joined MeYou Health’s Daily Challenge site–I’d love for you to join me! I receive simple challenges every day to motivate me towards just making one small choice that . . . when added up . . . can make a big difference. It also helps with that intentionality bit by asking a few questions to help evaluate your current wellness–I’m hovering at 80%, likely because of some nutrition and physical activity issues, and dipped down today because I have been feeling stressed this weekend (see also: Darwin paper). The questions are simple, but really make me realize how I am feeling about things, which is awesome.

I get things narrowed-down in a nice little screen like this, helping me to see what I need to work on.  Emotional health dropped like 19 points I think just due to the stress factor. The physical health thing is quite obvious due to my state of physical activity and asthma lately.

Wellbeing Scores

The healthy behaviours bit, let us explore that a bit more:

Healthy Behaviour Score

Each domain can be outlined like this, giving some concrete ways of how to improve health in the determined area that might need some work. So, once again, this one is all about those little choices that add up . . . and the little choices that are dragging me down in some of the other domains adding up.

I know part of the exercise aversion is that I’m scared of two things, one being that I won’t feel good while doing it [which is basically a given at this point that it will be harder to breathe than usual] and two being that I’ll make myself sick again [which is, at this point, unlikely I would hope, but it comes with the package deal of having a wicked exacerbation, apparently]. The only way to crush those feelings though . . . is to try it.

Goals for the week:

  • Get rolling on the backpack snacks again.
  • Do what it takes to get more intentional about the nutrition on the whole [I might try the picture-taking method].
  • Give exercising a go again–take it slow, but try. Even if I make it ten minutes on the bike, that is much better than nothing.


i got my scars, i been to hell and back again. born for the blue skies, we’ll survive the rain. born for the sunrise, we’ll survive the pain.

we’re singing wait it’s not over now, we’ve been down but we’ve never been out . . .

we found a way out, the city takes everything it can. but outside the crowds, i can feel my lungs again. . .

dark horses, switchfoot

4 thoughts on “where i’m at, and where i’m going

  1. Ah, yes, I’ve been slipping too… getting back on the exercise bandwagon pretty well, although it’s still way too easy to knock myself off, and I’m still only doing the easy stuff (ie going out with my pals at work) and not doing the hard stuff (ie going out on my own for longer runs, which is pretty important given the 15K I have coming up).

    As for the nutrition, total fail there recently. I definitely have to get back to being more intentional about nutrition. And also, just being more intentional with my time. I think the two go together for me a lot there, particularly on the weekends.

    Will check out the site, thanks for the link.

    1. I find that the stuff you do with others is muchmuchmuch easier than trying to get yourself to go out by yourself. And once again, I know the problems we both have with following training plans ;).

      I have been having a really hard time with the nutrition lately. Actually, I think the last time I ate fairly decently was at Medicine-X because there was so much fruit and water around [and, steroids made me want both of those things all the time, which as I’ve said, made Med-X a good place to be on prednisone]. Yesterday was brutal–I need to stop writing papers in the kitchen, but it has such good lighting!! :]

      Happy to connect with you for the daily challenges! I think the email feature is really helpful. They’ll also send you a reminder later in the day if you haven’t completed the challenge :].

  2. Why/how is Fitbit sending you a new Fitbit? Since when do companies do that? That’s super nice of them.

    What’s a backpack snack?

    I hope your breathing gets back to ‘normal’ soon and you can get back to regularly scheduled exercise. Out of control asthma sucks.

    1. The customer service at Fitbit is awesome. You can report a lost tracker, and they’ll send you out a new one for free the first time. Probably because they are teeny little slightly-pricey things and they like keeping customers :]. I reported my tracker as missing and within 20 minutes I’d given the information that they needed and they put the order in for the complimentary replacement. How crazy is that?? :]

      Backpack snacks are snacks that do not get crushed in a backpack. Currently I have some pretty solid granola bars, trail mix and dried mangoes in there. Other times it is Goldfish crackers or other crackers in a plastic container. [I’m always looking for new ideas :)]

      Asthma just sucks in general, sucks more when it’s out of control. I’m mostly back to normal but still more touchy than usual. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I can get something in for a little bit. :]

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