Outside of the physical room of Medicine-X, the biggest part of the story can be found on Twitter, where for two or three straight days, the #medx hashtag was exploding into use capturing quotes, stories and feelings in the moments surrounding Medicine-X.  The best way to recount my experiences is probably through Twitter, with some commentary thrown in for a little bit more context [context ended up being a bit of a buzzword at Medicine-X.

For this purpose, head over to the Storify page for my time at Medicine-X, to walk through the moments in somewhat real time–including many of my new [or simply new-in-real-life!] friends, some photo-shooting in the back of a boring session, a football announcer, lots of snacks . . . and an introduction to “Club Med-X”!


Disclosure: I was fortunate to receive an ePatient scholarship from Stanford University with partnership with Alliance Health Networks and the Kadry Foundation to enable me to attend Medicine-X, including conference registration, some meals and snacks, hotel and $300 towards my airfare to California. I was not required to blog about the experience at Stanford [but I’m sure they could feel pretty darn safe I would].

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