My friend Mike started a thing called “Mirror Mantras”, where he posts a positive or motivating phrase on his bathroom mirror to keep him inspired throughout the week. ¬†Good ideas are worth stealing, and I certainly jumped on board the bandwagon. And then . . . derailed :] (the nice, academic-y word for derailing is lapsing :]).

Since my theme this week is getting things back on track, I added Mirror Mantras to the list (sorry, Mom, just when you’d gotten used to me cluttering the bathroom mirror with post-its I stopped, now that you’ve gotten used to it being un-cluttered, I’m back! And I snapped this picture yesterday, but didn’t get it up till today].

I’m feeling this one is appropriate given yesterday’s post:


And if you’re thinking “Hey, that’s familiar!” It’s cause I used it in May. Good mantras deserve to be recycled.

On that note, I did my first workout in a month today, which was obviously my first workout since getting sick in California. A very hard 25 minutes but I didn’t feel as bad as I thought I was going to feel (until about two hours later). But, even if I didn’t feel totally awesome after, my lungs have opened up as the evening has worn on and I’m feeling really good now. Regardless, I am very happy I got back on the bike, even if it was slow and short!

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