Teleportation. Christina at Mom of 2 Type 1s actually blogged about it this morning. And I guess I am still in that college stage she was in where teleportation would be the most badass thing ever.

Without the online health community, I probably wouldn’t really care about having the ability to teleport. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel, and I would love to take those steps out of travelling. Just think, if I were able to teleport, I would be able to not even pack, not pay for hotels, and travel the world for a couple hours at a time then pop back home to go to bed! But without the online health community, all of you who have because of the internet become my amazing friends, I wouldn’t even care. Travelling would be cool, but I like the people the best.  I like the memories of meeting up with Rona, of meeting up with Dia when she was here. Of the thought I’ll probably get to hang out with Danielle for a bit in a few weeks when I’m in her city, and hopefully have a #KerriPower meet up in May when Kerri is in the city.

This . . . to be able to have these random meet-ups all the time would be awesome. To be able to see, face-to-face, the people who understand you the best, not only because they share your health condition, but they understand the ins and outs of it, and how it actually intertwines with your life. . . would be amazing. To be able to suddenly pop up and see Natasha or Elisheva [or any of my overseas friends] all the way across the ocean whenever we felt like it, whenever someone needed some rant-time or just to hang out, would be so awesome.

So teleporting? I would be all over that.  Meet-ups EVERYWHERE!

[Or, if not teleportation, I will totally accept an airline sponsor if I have any takers. AirCanada? WestJet? I can give you my whole pitch about the power of community and supporting people with chronic disease through education, empowerment, physical activity and relationship-building!]

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