As irony would have it, I connected with Catherine from A Diabetic Ballerina again yesterday–she retweeted my #hawmc post right after my mom e-mailed me that she had printed the tagline from Catherine’s blog and put it on her wall at work after reading it in my e-mail signature. So good. Today, being quotation inspiration day, and Mirror Mantra Monday (hi Mike!), in searching for a quote, I decided what better to use than one of my ultimate favourites–one belonging to Catherine! Canadians unite!


There are so many Good Things here on so many levels. Here goes.

We are here to have impact. We are here to change ourselves . . . and in turn, live with the hope that we will change the world one person at a time. Run at life full force, whether that is a physical run or a metaphorical run. Go at it. Get it. And don’t let it get away.

Movement is something that has become increasingly important to me over the last few years. “Love is a movement.” [–Switchfoot].  Connection is a movement, a daring to step beyond our own personal bubbles that far too many people seem completely okay being smothered inside.  Movement is spreading our metaphorical wings to experience what we never dreamed we would become or become capable of.  Movement is that desire to own your life. And if you, like me, and like Catherine, live with a chronic disease . . . then owning your disease is a huge part of owning your life. Owning the choices you make.  Each choice is a decision to move, and each decision to move is a choice . . . it can be cyclical.  Whether it is cyclical for the better, or the worse is a choice . . . and I hope to see the cycle, the ripple effect, be for the better.

The most literal form of the word is the one that has gained the most importance to me personally on in the last year. The movement that I choose to make physically, and the movement I hope to instil in others. And the sharing, the rippling, of this type of movement in our world. Physical activity and exercise . . . it is a choice, and it too, is cyclical. There is no such thing as can’t, and each step forward, each movement, is an impact on health and wellbeing for the better.  The movement in my classes to create a movement towards movement. The movement of the kids at work as they experience something new that they are capable of, something that they are able to accomplish while improving their health and having fun. The movement of changing the thoughts from negative to positive, and still underscoring fun.

The movement of dance–the movement of my body connected with my spirit, emotions, environment all moving, melting into one moment, one movement.

The movement to change. To reach out to touch people through whatever means possible.  Making an impact on our world. Stepping beyond the invisible comfort zone. Living in each moment in movement, not in stillness, in loudness, not in silence, in passion, not in regret.  So that when we’re dead . . . they’ll know we’ve been here.

Own it. And GO. Move.

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