Regina. Saskatoon. North Battleford. Lamont. Edmonton.



Saskatoon, SK – as much as we make fun of you, Saskatchewan, you are beautiful.


Saskatoon, SK – Vimy Memorial. And a grammar fail. May be, Saskatoon. May be.


North Battleford, SK. Pretty if not for the litter beside the train track, there.


In North Battleford we stayed at the “only full service hotel”. It had water slides. It was kind of creepy in the fact that at about 11 PM our deadbolt that we found previously not working clicked closed and we were half locked into our room so we could not use the pool.  Also the room was really hot and the thermostat didn’t work properly and they had to bring us a fan. Also I think there was us and one other family staying in the only hotel.


Lamont, AB. “Sitting in a city that will never let me go, what if I’m only satisfied when I’m at home? What’ll I do if you never find me again, sitting in a province a million miles from my friends?” –Edmonton, The Rural Alberta Advantage.


If I look sleepy, it’s because I’m sure I just woke up here. One of many times.


Edmonton, AB. The Best Western is a great place. They flipping sanitize the remote!




Fuss Cupcakes on Whyte Avenue. Best cupcakes I’ve ever had. The top two are big ones, the purple one in my hand is a little one.



I met Elisa at church in 2010. Since then she’s moved back to her hometown in BC and then to Edmonton. I was so stoked able to catch up with her for an hour or so over ice cream. I miss this lady, she is amazing and is such a beautiful person.


The kinesiologist in me was greatly amused by this. And is also sure that this dude is on steroids. And not the good anti-inflammatory kind.


I BBM’ed my boss this picture and she has agreed that we need a sea lion for a pet at work.


Tonight we met my great aunt and uncle for dinner/drinks at The Rink Sports Bar/Grill in St. Albert, AB. Which we discovered is now only named after Randy Ferbey, the curler, and not actually owned by him anymore. We then went over to their house, where I spent a few days last year. They are awesome, and as frequently discovered, sport [hockey] was the great equalizer.

Tomorrow we’re off to Calgary bright and early . . . and Thursday I get to meet up with my long-time social media friend Danielle!

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  1. Oh my gosh the Prairies are so… FLAT!! Also dude, you are freaking obsessed with cupcakes. I haven’t had one in years and years. Muffins are much better 😛

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