As I’m done final exams, I’ve already managed to screw up the posting every day bit of #hawmc. But, here goes at catching up!

So I’m kind of “screw pinterest”. I have it, but I don’t get it. Therefore, I don’t use it. So here is the legit bulletin board in my room. Much more fun, I think.


Notes of encouragement, thank-yous, some Jesus stuff, guitar picks, a Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation lanyard, an appointment slip for asthma clinic, adorable barely visible lungs from several years ago. Post-it notes. Concert ticket stubs, To Write Love on Her Arms tag, buttons, a burn-fail CD that I drew on. MADMaking a Difference stickers from volunteer appreciation month at church last year, TallyGear information that came with my Tummietotes, movie ticket certificates . . .

And lots of guitar picks to accompany the guitar caught in the bottom of the picture. ย There was also formerly a picture of the small group I lead, including my two girlies I do inclusion with, but I took that down for privacy reasons, obviously.

Essentially . . . pieces of my life in a nutshell, minus the physical activity part . . . maybe I need to change this! :]

3 thoughts on “legit pinboard – #hawmc day 16 [catching up]

  1. Um what? There’s a social network technerd thing that you prefer the old non-tech version over? Nawwww!!! Tell me it isn’t true! ๐Ÿ˜›

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