I learned the hard way that . . .

-Starting papers prior to two days before they are do is a really good practice

-10 PM on a Saturday is not a good time to run out of medicine

-9:50 PM on any day is also not a good time to realize that the refill you need? Yeah, it’s still at the pharmacy.

-Group projects are either really good . . . or a train wreck.

-Even in health communities, unfortunately, not everyone is who they say they are.

-It sucks to get all the way to Chicago and realize that your deodorant is at home. And then Chicago’s Oak Brook area is very devoid of all unscented deodorant [at least Tara and I got to go for a really long unsupervised walk to find the non-existent Walgreens out of the deal though].

-Sometimes you have to fight The System hard to be fully healthy and thus fully alive.

-Health professionals don’t know everything. Nor do they know what to do when they don’t know everything. . . they’re human after all.

-I am the only one in charge of my perspective and my feelings.

-The best friends pop up from the places you least expect it, and make a difference in ways you would never imagine. And sometimes you have to trip up in who you choose as friends to get there.

One thought on “learned the hard way – #hawmc day 17 [catching up]

  1. I like this list! And dude, roadtripping (which I am totally jealous of) is not reason to be skimping on the daily posts. I like reading them!

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