It’s the time of year that Christmas music is running rampant and driving me crazy, and sometimes I feel like the only person on the planet who is driven this crazy by Christmas music that I constantly have earphones in and keep Matthew Good’s Underdogs or the Foo Fighter’s Greatest Hits album loaded in my mom’s car CD player.

I love Jesus’s birthday and everything, but really, Christmas has become so much beyond Jesus’s birthday, and it’s not all bad, but some of the traditions and traditional songs . . . are just weird. And the rest that aren’t weird are played with unnecessary frequency in the weeks leading up to Christmas (or, in the case of the country station my mom listens to, I think they start about November 1st).

Fortunately, while catching up on blogs in the post-exam-induced feeling of nothing to do, Chad makes me feel less alone in my hatred for stupid Christmas songs involving grinches and any sort of Santa-related weirdness [for instance, “Santa Baby” just creeps me out].

If you feel the same about christmas music . . . then enjoy!

2 thoughts on “i hate christmas music

  1. Hehe. I actually kinda like Christmas music, but in moderation. And I’m lucky that I have the ability to listen to it only when I want to and not to have it forced on me. (Yay living in a Jewish country!) Oh and yes, there is definitely a difference between Christmas music and Christmas muzak (that piped in stuff without words). If you haven’t seen it yet, I hope you enjoy one of my favorite Christmas songs of this year – 🙂

    1. That. Was. Amazing. The loofah bit made me laugh :P.

      Yeah, HUGE difference between the two. I think the only place that I can pinpoint that plays muzak is probably The Bay or something [not that The Bay will mean a ton to you since it's totally a Canadian thing ;)]

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