On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers from around the world take 12 pictures throughout the day.  Here are my pictures for November 12th, 2011!

November is the time of year for my church’s annual youth retreat to a bible camp about two hours outside of the city.  I fall under the interesting category of “inclusion leader”, so I was one-on-one with a seventh grader [hereafter known as “the girlie”].  We met for the first time at last year’s retreat, but I also went to camp with her in the summer, so the two nights were a piece of cake and super fun!


12:21 am – cabin room. The girlie is asleep on the top bunk, the bottom is mine [I moved on night two though, since the girlie and I had the room to ourselves!]


7:50 am – cabin. One of those days — winter + my asthma = out for me.  Giving the girlie a few more minutes to sleep before waking her up a little before our 8 am wake-up time [since I know it will take her at least five minutes to actually get out of bed!]


8:21 am – outside. Yeah, that’s what you want to see right when you get up.


9:52 am – chapel. OH MY GOODNESS. ELISA AND I MATCH!! :]  COORDINATED LEADERNESS!  [Also, if you need an interior designer and you live near me, please hire her so she does not have to go back to Vancouver, as I will miss her if she does!]


9:57 am – chapel. The grossest youth game ever.  In which an onion was passed like a hot potato, and participants had to take a bite of the onion when it stopped on them, or they had to sit down. Disgusting.


1:40 pm – on the rocks. “Creation reveals Your majesty — from the colours of fall to the fragrance of spring, every creature unique in the song that it sings . . ” —Indescribable, Chris Tomlin


3:12 – dining hall. Yeah, I can play Apples to Apples and Sorry! at the same time.  No big deal.  [Also, yet another 12 where I’m playing Apples to Apples!]


3:57 pm – dining hall. The official design of the youth retreat.  Our church’s graphic designer is super talented and amazing!


4:32 pm – cabin. Ready for the Awards Dinner.  This is my semi-rockstar outfit.  Because I don’t do formal.  The girls all looked amazing and all took like an hour and a half to get ready, it was super adorable.


5:46 pm – dining hall. And the dinner prayer went “God, thank You for pizza.  Amen.”. [Probably some other stuff, too, but mostly it was about the pizza.]  Veggie pizza — I made a new vegetarian friend on the retreat, we met at a workshop on haters and some guy in his small group was jokingly making fun of him for not eating ribs, and he and I exchanged several high fives over how tofu sucks.


10:23 pm – cabin. The girlie and I came back from chapel [way] early as she was just totally wiped out.  She fell asleep around 9:30, so I had like two-plus hours before I went to bed by myself.  So, i tweeted of my boredom, and Bob came to the rescue! :]


10:46 pm – cabin. Since the girlie was asleep and I couldn’t leave for snack, the lovely Elisa brought me cookies back! <3  Camp makes super good cookies, these ones were white chocolate, Friday night’s were chocolate chunk.

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  Check out his blog to see a list of all September 12 of 12s.  Thanks, Chad, for dreaming up this awesome idea to connect people around the world, and for allowing us to infiltrate your blog space for another year!

6 thoughts on “12 of 12 – november ’11!

  1. White chocolate cookie??! YUM!

    Also LOVE the pic of God’s creation on the rocks. I had that song going through my head a few years back when I got to ski in the Rocky Mountains. Totally breathtaking and amazing to be surrounded by God’s awesome creation!

    1. This camp has the most amazing cookies, it’s RIDICULOUS haha. Actually they have great food overall.

      Considering EVERYTHING could have been covered in snow, it was totally gorgeous. We were running around in hoodies and jeans the bulk of the time! So good.

  2. FUN! It looks like you had a great day. I kind of love the “Take a Bite or Take a Seat” idea. Wish I worked with youth still.

    Have you heard of CHUBBY BUNNY? And have you seen people use voice command on their phones as a judge??

    1. LOL, I just went and read the Wiki for Chubby Bunny and kept thinking “Man, that looks like an accident waiting to happen”. Keep reading? Two deaths caused by the game! Sounds hilarious though [minus the whole possibility of suffocation thing!], especially when you work the phone in, oh my goodness!! That’s awesome, I’ll have to look into that more.

      SUCH a good day! REALLY busy, but super fun. If you’re ever in the area, you can come play games with my kids at work AND our youth group! 😀 We did the peeling a banana with your feet game last week – so gross haha, but DEFINITELY not as gross as Take a Bite or Take a Seat! (That said, if you have any sources of good gym games for kids 5-12, I’m always searching those out! :)]

  3. What are you doing wearing SHORT SLEEVES when it’s SNOWING OUTSIDE??? Haha, over the weekend, I got my hands on an issue of Glow from this past summer and it’s all like 20+ degrees? Go sleeveless! My friend and I totally cracked up at that. Silly frigid Canadians.

    It’s funny how I didn’t see anything “wrong” with your pizza. For people who’ve kept kosher their whole lives, “vegetarian” pizza is just pizza and “vegetarian” lasagna is just lasagna.

    1. Oh, the snow went away lol. I have no idea what the temperature was, but I’m sure you’d say it was freezing ;).

      Lol, I kind of suck at vegetables, tbh. Worst vegetarian ever.

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