Dear Canada,

We need to have a little talk.  It’s October 5th. It’s apparently 31*C outside.  And while I enjoy this, it’s not particularly suitable when I wore my [new] hoodie and [new] jeans to school today.  [Note: in Saskatchewan, they call hoodies BUNNYHUGS.  I love this.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and cuddly.  Because what is badass about a freaking bunnyhug?]  And then it became 31*.  Last week it was like fifteen.

Next week it will be snowing, or hailing.  I swear.  Canada, you’re a little indecisive about this whole weather thing.

Or perhaps you’ll revert to actual seasonally appropriate temperatures and I can wear my new jeans and new hoodie and fuzzy socks and not feel ridiculous about it.

How does that sound?  We got a deal, Canada?



7 thoughts on “an open letter to canada

  1. Yeah, what is with that? Sus also says it’s “hot” where she is. If it’s 31 degrees by you, then it’s hotter over there than over here (where we’ve got a pleasant 27 during the day and a fridig 17 at night). Madness, I say!

    Also, I <3 Canada. But you already know that.

      1. Lol “frigid” 17*? Ya gotta come hang out with me :]. Also, it’s later there, was your weather hotter during the day?

  2. It was 26degreesC here last week. Now bearing in mind it’s the UK, and that’s abnormal at the best of times, but in the middle of October?! Grrr.

    Today it was bucketing and cold. Back to reality….

  3. So, when Abby was a baby, we called the soft and fuzzy one piece sleepers “bunny suits” That’s what “bunnyhugs” makes me think of.

    Oh, and weather…mid to high 80*’s in OCTOBER…that is NOT NORMAL.

    1. That’s CRAZINESS. What is WRONG with our weather? :] I think Earth forgot it’s October!

      Bunny suits need to have bunny ears :].

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