even now, the world is bleeding / but feeling just fine, all numb in our castle / where we’re always free to choose / never free enough to find / i wish something would break / cause we’re running out of time.

and i am overcome / i am overcome / holy water in my lungs / i am overcome

This is the first song I listened to this morning, alone, in silent reflection, silent contemplation, silent prayer.

Ten years, ten long years, and still without words.

And it doesn’t matter where I was . . . because I had an insignificant part in this day ten years ago.

Heroes were brought to light.  Firefighters and emergency personnel, air traffic controllers . . . the passengers and crew onboard the flights, those working in the World Trade Centre and their families.  Heroes who never had expected to become heroes as they went about their lives.

Ten years of tears from families and friends of those who died as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Ten years of war.  Ten years of change, of uncertainty.

Ten years of trying to rebuild lives that were shaken, turned completely around . . . a country that was changed forever as a result.

Ten years of time attempting to restore hope.

i am overcome, Lord.

–overcome, live

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