Sometimes, my applied health courses challenge me on a personal level.  They make me dig deeper and push harder.  They make me analyze myself and where I’m screwing up and where I’m doing well.  And where to change it.  I think [those of us who think about kinesiology, anyway] that we constantly think about how everything we learn in school can be applied in the people around us.  All the time. At least I do.  [But I’m the nerd who just watched a TED Talk at 8:00 at night because I didn’t have any kinesiology today and needed to feel like I was learning].

They make me grow.  To have school challenge you that much on a personal, not just academic, level is so awesome.

My Physical Activity: Promotion and Adherence [hereafter known as Promotion and Adherence, because that’s long enough as it is] prof is just awesome.  I may have to buy his book on Amazon to continue having him creating order in my life after this class is over.  I leave class, and all I want to do is go work out.  Seriously, the promotion and adherence thing works.  Changing the way you think works.  Change the way you think about everything, and things happen.

Things happen when you set goals and follow through with them.  Barriers are meant to be overcome.  Not just overcome . . . knock ’em down.


When you want what your goals are set for, it becomes cyclical.  Set goals, meet goals, happy with outcome, set more goals, meet more goals.  This diagram applies far beyond exercise.

Start small and GROW.  Be motivated.

“If you have time to spend six hours on Facebook a day, you have time to work out for 45 minutes.”  No, not just twenty as per Health Canada guidelines.  45.  Because 20 is just being lazy about trying not to be lazy and is bare minimum.

“Who hasn’t eaten in about three hours?  Who’s hungry?”  And throws out snacks to whoever puts their hands up.

“Go out there and do good things!”

. . . those are things Jay says every day.  To motivate, to encourage in the battle we all fight against Resistance.

There is a depth here.  A meaning that extends not just to others, but to yourself.  You can’t ask for the change you wish to see in others, without having a concrete handle on what it is you’re asking for within yourself. Within what you’re doing in this life.

Change your thinking.  Then change the standard of thinking.

Go out there and do good things.

2 thoughts on “promotion, adherence + goals : “go out there and do good things”

  1. See! That’s what I tell people, except in a less academic way than you do. Or rather when I want people to exercise (aka go to Zumba with me), the conversation generally goes like this:

    Me: You should come to Zumba on Wednesday.
    Them: I’ll make a fool of myself.
    Me: Everyone makes a fool of themselves in Zumba. It’s okay.
    Them: I’m really out of shape.
    Me: If I can do it, you can do it.
    Them: You’re in good shape. You can keep up with Zumba. I can’t.
    Me: I’m asthmatic. I struggle to keep up with Zumba. And I need to take medicine in order to do it at all.
    Them: You’re really good at laying on the guilt.
    Me: Yup! So are you coming? *smile*

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