Invisible Illness Week officially ended yesterday, but having an invisible illness doesn’t end until a cure is found.  Today, I have one more perspective on living with an invisible condition to share.

Cherise is an amazing diabetes advocate and lives with Type 1.5 diabetes, also known as LADA [Latent Auto-Immune Diabetes in Adult].  Cherise helps connect the Diabetes Online Community in a major way through the #dsma Twitter chat on Wednesday nights and is an awesome diabetes advocate.

Cherise has taken a new spin on the 30 Things About My Invisible Illness meme created for Invisible Illness Week, and chose to make her guest post in the form of a vlog.  I had a giant smile on my face while watching [also, I totally love the subtitles, so watch for those!]

Thanks for sharing, Cherise!  I will be happy-dancing with the D-OC when diabetes is cured.  And y’all are gonna eat a gazillion cupcakes and not have to bolus or even THINK about carbs.

Cherise was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 23 and is the founder and moderator of #dsma — Diabetes Social Media Advocacy twitter chat.  Cherise blogs at Diabetic Iz Me, and can be found on Twitter.

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