It’s not a new thing, but I have some kind of weird North Dakota Lungs phenomenon going on, ever since a couple months before I was actually diagnosed with asthma in 2008, in which every time I go to North Dakota my asthma starts flaring up [what’s the deal with that?  I was FINE in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota.  It’s always friggen North Dakota], I got out for a walk today with Sam.  My mantra is slowly becoming “Well, if I already don’t feel good, might as well go out.”  Yeah, it wasn’t the best, but it’s been worse.

I had a 7K on my training schedule, but cut it down to a measly 4.2 because 1) I screwed up my ankle, and 2) I got iced coffee on my two-day-old white UnderArmour shirt.  These things have to be dealt with, people. Mostly new shirts.  Proof I shouldn’t be getting iced coffee during a workout, I suppose.  Went home pretty rapidly after that so I could get it in water.  Screwing up my ankle was just a stupid move on my part.

So Sam and I set out with a camera, ready to strike some poses and have some fun on our walk.  This ended in craziness where we were jumping off picnic tables (it was awesome).

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I landed wrong AND hard on my left ankle.  It’s minor, I’ve got it wrapped right now and am going to tape it in the morning.  I’ll be icing.  Don’t want this getting in my way and think it’ll be better in a couple days, but taking precautions.  My left side is my strong side and takes a lot of the work thanks to my left leg being significantly longer than my right leg, it overcompensates.  Also I was jumping in non-proper athletic/jumping shoes.  Read: Converse.

I’m doing another measly four kilometers tomorrow [going to walk to work and add a block or so somewhere].  The 7 has been moved to Thursday.  And it will happen then, either before or after school, which starts on Wednesday [on which day I work 7:30-9 and then will find myself stuck in class until 8:30 pm, so unless I figure out a non-peak time to hit the gym, will be a rest day forever and ever amen.]

4 thoughts on “back home, back to training (and screwing it up)

  1. I am so sorry you have twisted your ankle-but dare I say it….**sus peers over the top of her reading glasses in a very school mistress-like fashion** you were being a bit of a big kid in attempting the jumping off picnic tables bit!

    RICE is definitely the order of the day and no, I don’t mean the food variety.

    Hope it heals quickly, my little Mountie! xx

  2. I had the most delicious and beautiful cake yesterday so when I read that you’d be icing, I was wondering what kind of cake. Until I re-read it to figure it out and it didn’t make sense. Hahahaha.

    1. HAHA. I was wondering if anybody was gonna post about icing in that sense — I always think of delicious icing when I’m talking about brrr cold icing :].

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