On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers from around the world take 12 pictures throughout the day.  Here are my pictures for September 12th, 2011!


8:46 am – kitchen. Ready for school.  Even though I still had a while to hang around home.

8:57 am – kitchen. Mike and Bethany making appearances in my 12 again!  Because I always feel the need to remind everybody about 12 of 12 because I love it so much ;).  [Sorry guys, Bethany and I didn’t meet up again this month! :)]


9:05 am – kitchen. Wisconsin cheese for breakfast?  Well, okay.


9:39 am – bus stop. Was running late which caused various things to occur.  Forgot my other three inhalers [ack] AND had to dig around in my backpack for this one after my massive walking-sprint to the bus stop.  I’m just happy it was in my backpack!  Also I made it to the bus stop in 7 minutes, which is ridiculous.


11:30 am – athletic centre nap area. Outta class and met up with Dean [yes, the same one as in the cardboard cutout head a couple weeks back].  Read some of my textbook for Exploring the Bible.  Sort of.  Also drank a Yoo-Hoo from America.


11:38 am – bookstore. Dean and I headed over to the bookstore, which STILL does not contain the Bible I need for Bible OR my Physical Activity Promotion and Adherence textbook.  Grr!


1:17 pm – athletic centre nap area. Met up with Sam and snapped this on my way to class.  The guy came to refill the chip machine in the nap area, and he apparently tried to give these to Sam but then just left them.  [Coincidentally, my Physical Activity Promotion and Adherence prof came in throwing bags of chips about the class, I wonder if he and the vending machine dude are buddies?]


5:50 – kitchen. What should I put my Cloudflare sticker on?


7:25 pm – starbucks. Pumpkin Spice frappuccino and a Birthday Cake pop.  Happy birthday Steve and Briley!


7:42 pm – Arby’s. Gross fries, good times.  Tara’s sisters changed her Facebook password and she made the mistake of exclaiming the new password loudly while Kelly and I had our phones at hand.  We spent a long while updating her Facebook status to various things.  None of which were incriminating, because I suck at that kind of thing.


9:04 pm – Starbucks. Because Tara was scared that her sisters were going to blackmail her and put embarrassing Tumblr videos on her Facebook [Tumblr is her secret world, as she exclaimed in Arby’s], she had to go get them Starbucks for bribery purposes.


9:06 pm – Starbucks. Oh pumpkin spice, you make me happy.  I love fall.


12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  Check out his blog to see a list of all September 12 of 12s.  Thanks for allowing us to infiltrate your blog space for another year, Chad, and for dreaming up this project.  The 12th has become one of my favourite days of the month!

10 thoughts on “12 of 12 – september ’11!

    1. Yup the design is fairly new! I’m all ADD about my blog design, I’m actually redoing it right now LOL.

      Oh my goodness, I LOVE the birthday cake pops. I haven’t even TRIED the other kinds because I just love the birthday one so much! The Rocky Road one always looks so good, but I mean, the birthday one is PINK.

      I see your 12 is up. Going to take a look now! :]

  1. lots of food going on here!! don’t know those Wisconsin cheeses. any good? we have plenty here in Quebec that are excellent. a friend of mine introduced us a a few years ago to these cake pops as it was her halloween party. it has now become a recurring thing for her. they’re fun!!

    now, pumpkin spice…
    NO, NO, NO!! it is still summer!!!!
    BUT, pumpkin spice…

    1. Wisconsin cheese is super yummy. Best cheese I’ve ever had :].

      I wanna learn to make cake pops, everybody loves em! I saw a cake pop maker in the US and sorta regret not buying it! :]

      Lovelovelove pumpkin spice. I kept summer around by frappuccunioing it, but we’ve since got really cold over here!

  2. I loved that backpack, and those Wisconsin cheeses-how cool is that. And, Ms Kerri, just how much time do you spend in Starbucks? Looked like a fun and eventful day even if you had Uni you did loads of stuff! x

    1. Hehe I <3 Starbucks. Usually about twice a week during the school year (before youth and before church) :]

      Aren't the cheese shapes adorable? Couldn't NOT buy them! :]

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